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Do people in countries outside of the U.S. have the same problem on the opposite side of the phone?
The "gratuity" item was probably lame and no one wanted it. "Do you own an iPad? We want to interview you so we can copy what Apple does because we can't figure out how to do anything on our own"
Those bumper cases cost .40 cents to manufacture. Even charging $9.99 would be a rip off. Just give them away to the people that ask for them and everyone is happy.
Anyone that pays for one of these is an idiot. There is no reason why AT&T's customers should have to foot the bill for AT&T's crappy 3G coverage. If you need one of these, demand it for free.
You know what I'm getting really sick of? Scrolling through non-American apps. What the hell is a U.K. weather program doing in the U.S. app store?
Would much rather have him at Tesla than Microsoft.
There's already a barcode scanning program in the App store that does this. It uses the iPhone camera to scan the barcode and then you're given information on the product and prices from lowest to highest in you're local area. And it's free. http://itunes.apple.com/app/redlaser/id312720263?mt=8 And this is hardly revolutionary. The CueCat back in 1999 had a lot of this functionality.
You're uploading it wrong.
You're uploading it wrong.
Especially baffling since they all slipped through Apple's rigorous approval process.
New Posts  All Forums: