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I need an iWeb Pro! And why not some substitutes for Photoshop and Illustrator?
Sounds like a factory is going to be losing Apple's business. I'm getting sick of all these leaks. I enjoy being surprised.
I ♥ Adobe. But I hate it when a company forces its users to use 25 year old, buggy software
Verizon! YAY! AT&T and Apple have a contract for 5 years. Apple doesn't have to give Verizon an "iPhone".
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Apple comes out with a professional version of iWeb for us web designers that hate code.
Great. So when I'm having a heart attack I can't call 911.
Adobe certainly knows about that 19th century. That's how old the code is in their software.
You mean AT&T's newer, gentler logo didn't solve it's shitty service problems? *Gasp*
This story is the equivalent of Adobe saying "Put up your dukes!" as Apple laughs and walks away.
New Posts  All Forums: