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That HP MediaSmart is so friggin' ugly, yet they proudly display it on a transparent stand.
I just realized that I can't remember the last keynote that did anything for me. Oh, wait. The iPhone.
I hope some of the iMovie features that were removed for the '08 version will be restored.
And it looks like a Windows or Linux app. Yuk.
Uh yeah, that's definitely not acceptable. And frankly I think that Applecare warranty sucks. People pay a premium for Macs as it is. Apple's nickel and diming everything is going to come back and bite them in the ass.
What doesn't make sense is why Apple continues to use aging Firewire ports instead of the much faster eSATA ports.
Film makers and video editors out in the field have to have multiple batteries because there's nowhere to recharge the laptop most of the time.
Michael Dell sure is desperate.
What I find interesting is that after MWSF and WWDC, the world would talk about Apple's new products. I saw none of that excitement in Apple's small press conferences for products such as the iPod Hi-Fi and the new iPods.
I've been watching Steve's keynotes for 12 years. Part of the excitement of the keynote was the room of 2,000 people cheering, which isn't present in these boring, small, private media events. Over the past several years, the excitement Apple builds in it's products is dwindling. Watching a MacWorld keynote was like Christmas all over again. Now we get nasty iPod Hi-Fi press events where 4 people clap. Goodbye exciting Apple. Hello just-like-any-other-boring...
New Posts  All Forums: