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Because it's now 22 hours later and my order still hasn't been entered into the system yet.
I'm telling the AT&T clerk that had to take my order manually yesterday morning that if my iPhone doesn't arrive on June 25th, to cancel my order. It's insulting enough to know that I tried for 3 hours online to pre-order one, then stand in line for an hour only to know that 90 people are going to walk into that AT&T store on June 24 and walk out with iPhone's while I have to wait until July 2nd. I'm sick of AT&T's bullsh**.
So anyone that waited in line and had their order placed by paper and pen won't be getting their phones on the 25th. I'm so pissed off at AT&T I feel like canceling my whole damn order. I mean Jesus it's one thing after another with this company.
10.6.4 Combo Update http://support.apple.com/downloads/#macosx106
I love how the app crashes when I try to order my iPhone 4.
Wow that's pretty, but seems way over-priced for what you get. Only 2gb of RAM??
And most of them are crap. Most of the apps on my iPad are iPhone apps. Scrabble for iPhone - $4.99. Scrabble for iPad - $9.99. There are few magazines and newspapers to choose from. None of the SMS apps have worked for me. If there are great apps, then it's hard to find them using Apple's HORRIBLE implementation of presenting them in the iTunes store. When I want to look for games, I want to scroll through ALL of the games, not just the ones Apple organizes into...
Wow. That's like my grandmother showing up at my college toga party. Lame.
I must have missed something - when did AdMob start caring about consumers?
I would have liked to have known what version of Windows Google was using when they were hacked. XP? Steve and Eric may have been having coffee together but you know that Steve was giving Eric a verbal ass pounding.
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