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You willing to pay an extra $100 for your iPhone? Money is not going to solve this problem.
Let's not forgot that these workers are not being forced to work there. They have every ability to quit if they want.
I need an iWeb Pro! And why not some substitutes for Photoshop and Illustrator?
Sounds like a factory is going to be losing Apple's business. I'm getting sick of all these leaks. I enjoy being surprised.
I ♥ Adobe. But I hate it when a company forces its users to use 25 year old, buggy software
Verizon! YAY! AT&T and Apple have a contract for 5 years. Apple doesn't have to give Verizon an "iPhone".
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Apple comes out with a professional version of iWeb for us web designers that hate code.
Great. So when I'm having a heart attack I can't call 911.
Adobe certainly knows about that 19th century. That's how old the code is in their software.
New Posts  All Forums: