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Who cares anymore.
Well, if the buyer does not have this non-disclosure agreement then it doesn't matter. Apple would have to find out who it belonged to and sue them. I can't believe it only sold for $790.
It feels snappier.
Surely they must be speaking about the iPhone as just any phone in general because there's no way Apple is going to design a next-gen iPhone that revolves around AT&T's ideas. It's likely Apple and AT&T won't even be doing business with each other by then.
I think Apple acknowledging the importance of it means it's up for a redesign. Since it's not as popular as other Macs, it takes longer to clear out the inventory, which I figure should be pretty much cleared out by MWSF in January. The Mini would be a great contender for a solid aluminum shell since it runs so hot. The clue is that they will offer 2 hard drives instead of an optical drive. The current shell would never be able to handle the heat of 2 hard drives and...
Awww... where will all the sales people that hung around the TV's and didn't acknowledge my existence work now? Anyway, in 15 years I have bought one thing at Circuit City. I would go there first, then go over to Best Buy and find it cheaper. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.
Desperate. That's my first impression. PC users could give less than a shi* about commercials telling them to use something they already use. Now PC users can upload their own "I'm a PC" video to Microsoft. W O W. And the guy in front of his web cam saying "I'm a PC, and I love peanut butter" - who in the living fuc* cares?
There's also nothing new. PC users already know other people use PC's. Unfortunately PC users watching the commercial also know all about they trouble they've had with PC's the past 20 years. All Microsoft's ads say are "We'd like to remind you PC users out there that you use a PC." The public isn't as stupid about computers as they were 10-15 years ago and Microsoft's little games they've played have caught up with them. Microsoft's operating system is such shit that it...
I thought that Bloomberg posting that story was ridiculous, but now it's just pathetic. It shows that you shouldn't believe what you read, even from a major news organization. They've lost credibility.
New Posts  All Forums: