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Obviously this is not needed for Mac to Mac users since OS X 10.5/6 has Remote Desktop already built in for free. But I guess it's good if you need to remotely connect to a Windows machine. Regardless, I wouldn't pay that $19.95 a month to connect to any machine. I would do without.
A CEO that doesn't check out his competition? That was an arrogant and stupid career move he made. If the CEO of my company would have said that, they would have been fired.
The Apple TV never took off because Apple isn't listening to what customers want. I know Apple likes to tell consumers what they want, but in this case it's not working. They continue to include useless crap like YouTube and Facebook and redesign the interface, which still isn't right. Ever use YouTube on the AppleTV? It's a lot of fun typing with the remote control. Even though most consumers have 16:9 TV's, Apple continues to use a vertical user interface for...
There must be more to this story, because it's ridiculous. If her name is linked to the serial number then it's her phone. Surly she has a receipt or the original packaging which also has the serial number on it. When you take that into consideration along with the fact that the police department contacted Apple, this is a case of someone at Apple being a total douche bag. This is poor PR to receive over a stupid situation.
Apple just doesn't get it with this product. The reason is that they are used to telling consumers what they want but in the case of this product, that is not going to work. Consumers are telling Apple they want a DVR and TV tuner and web access. Apple has not listened, therefore the product will be nothing but a niche. As long as I get to view programs on Hulu.com, I'm not going to pay .99 per episode.
This happens this time every year. It's a rumor.
The biggest burst of new iPhone users happens on Christmas. AT&T is on vacation, so to prevent a meltdown they stopped last minute sales that would have further clogged their network. Just another admission that AT&T's network sucks.
If that current senior Apple employee actually said that, then they no longer have a job at Apple.
This is a shame. I remember reading all the reports of problems people had and Apple ignoring it.
A wireless company doesn't spend millions improving their network "hoping" that the iPhone will come to their network. Verizon knows the iPhone is coming to them.
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