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Uhhhhhhhhhh, let me guess. It's uhhhhhhhhhh, a set top box or a Google TV. Let me guess more. The Apple TV wasn't going anywhere so Apple employees left and genius Google snapped them up. If you want something really entertaining, watch dork pizza face Eric Schmidt (Bill Gates II) take the stage at the MacWorld 2007 keynote on Apple's site.
I understand the "oh my god" factor the Gizmodo writers have probably had when they came upon this. I just hope for them that this iPhone doesn't turn out to be planned and Steve calls them suckers in 2 months because someone's credibility is going to go bad. We all know multiple prototypes meant to deceive float around. Additionally, the guy wasn't fired even though he would be considered a liability and I find it hard to believe an Apple engineer would have a...
So now we all know. Wasn't that thrilling? I used to love when Steve would introduce a new product, but hey! Now we have rumor sites doing it. I wouldn't be surprised if Steve doesn't even introduce it at the keynote now and instead just put it up on the website without any fanfare. Thanks for sucking the fun out of it Gizmodo. Then again maybe Apple planted it from the start to throw everyone off. I'm HOPING that's the case.
I miss the "One More Thing" surprises.
Buying an Intel chip never made sense to me. When I build a computer, I use AMD. I get similar performance at half the cost.
Paul Shadwell is a moron and I can't believe Steve responded in the first place. Steve, put down the iPad already.
Ok, it's time for Apple to embrace an external SATA port or get going on USB 3. Firewire just doesn't cut it anymore.
Lipstick on a pig. Instead of spending the money fixing the problems that got them where they are in the first place, they are spending millions rebranding themselves. I am paying $125 a month for an iPhone and Motorola RAZR on their minimum plan. The $30 iPhone surcharge is really pounding me in the ass and I've actually been contemplating whether it's even worth keeping my iPhone. So if Verizon doesn't get the iPhone in July when my contract is up, I'm done.
A porn store on Android "that your kids can get to". I love everything that comes out of Steve's mouth. Android is now known as the Porn phone. Nice jab!
I hope this is soon. I've decided that I'm not going to buy another iMac to replace my 2007 model until there's a faster external interface. USB 2.0 just doesn't cut it anymore. My iTunes library is on an external drive and it takes forever to sync my iPhone with lossless music.
New Posts  All Forums: