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This story is the equivalent of Adobe saying "Put up your dukes!" as Apple laughs and walks away.
They are so fucked. "Sharing" whatever.
That's exactly what I thought when I read the article.
More like, Flash is an animated GIF.
Flash isn't a core part of the OS. Thanks
No Mr. Narayen, your products aren't bloated, ancient resource hogs. What's to be said for a CEO in denial? Adobe's products reflect his "there's no problem" attitude. Flash needs fucking hardware acceleration to increase it's speed so people can watch video without dragging their computers through the mud.
Most Adobe products have code that's over 20 years old. Adobe has sat on their asses for years piling small amounts of new code on top of old code creating new bloated, slow products. They've had no competition on the Mac side since Corel disappeared so they've had no incentive to improve their dinosaur products. Apple is giving them a kick in the ass to join the 21st century and Adobe doesn't like it.
I think Oprah more than destroyed and discredited James Frey's career as a writer when she found out the whole book was a lie.
Why would they remote wipe a phone before tracking it with MobileMe? And since Gizmodo had the phone in their possession and stated that the OS was killed, Apple could have tracked the phono to Gizmodo. There are so many holes in this whole thing. But I don't enjoy being taken for a ride. I deleted my Gizmodo bookmark and moved to Engadget.
I love how Gizmodo keeps coming up with these things. They post the original story and then keep adding to it like they're making it up as they go along. The guy was never fired. That's the gaping black hole in Gizmodo's whole story.
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