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Good, now Apple can announce the new iMac's on Tuesday.
Captain Obvious says that net neutrality bit the dust in 1996 when Microsoft refused to adhere to web standards and included Internet Explorer with Windows 95 OSR2.
I think their excuse for not having MMS on the iPhone is bulls***. You can only use one app at a time right? Therefore you wouldn't be using any more of the network than any other phone that has MMS. MMS on the iPhone shouldn't be any different unless they are planning on allowing video.
Wow, those are some earth-shattering features there. How about something useful like being able to block a phone number? How about giving me the same freedom I had with my landline? That would keep me as a customer.
And you did your own study on this? Did you work for AT&T's and Verizon's IT department? Where do you gain such knowledge that you feel you can believe that Verizon would have had the same level of service?
A man in a nice shirt is going to is not going to convince me that AT&T is not asleep at the switch. AT&T is run like it's owned by the government - slow and unresponsive. AT&T is a big, fat cow. If I had a choice I would be at another service provider in a split second.
The name "Windows" is associated with nothing but headaches for cel phone users. Microsoft needs a new name without the word "Windows" in it.
There's no reason for Job's to show up for an insignificant iPod event. He's not going to show up until the tablet comes out. And frankly, after the way the media treated him during his absence, I don't blame him.
HP and Dell may very well be part of Pystar's investors. My theory is that pissed off billionaire Michael Dell, invested in or even created Pystar because Apple refused to license him OS X for his Dell machines. That's the only thing I can think of since Pystar seems to be able to magically keep pulling money out of its company ass.
Could someone please point me to a law somewhere that states when a company writes an operating system that it has to run on any computer?
New Posts  All Forums: