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Yeah this shows the dumbing-down of our society doesn't it?
If Microsoft handles HDDVD the same way it handles everything else, it won't realize HDDVD is dead until 2010.
Installed my update. Works good, looks good, sounds good. BUT... here I go... The new horizontal screen layout only applies to iTunes Store rentals. One of my biggest gripes with the Apple TV has been that it requires a widescreen, Hi-Def TV, but the Movie/TV Show menus are laid out vertically. You get 4-5 small lines of text (this is at the highest resolution setting) to describe the movie and the rest of the text is cut off, usually by up to 50%, and you get room...
An iPhone Air with no dock connector or headphone jack? A Mac Pro Air with one connector, Firewire 800? An iMac Air with no base and really floats in the air? A MacBook Air with both SSD and HDD hard drives so everyone can post their own comparisons? What could it be?
It's business and that's how people make money. Until the patent system gets a modern overhaul, the courts will be clogged with lawsuits. However if they're going to sue Apple, then they should sue Microsoft while they're at it because Microsoft has the same system on the XBox 360.
Can you even imagine trying to chat with someone using the remote? It takes 1 1/2 minutes just find something on YouTube!
I think this iteration of the laptop is probably going to mostly be used by a lot of road warriors and people that want to be seen with it, as with any first generation Mac product. Apple is still fixing and adapting iPhone technology as more people use it. But I swear to God Apple, pick a connector and stick with it. If I hear about another version of a connector that's introduced on a machine I'm going to scream.
Well I'm glad they didn't leave me hanging, but this news doesn't make me any happier. It's extremely frustrating to buy something and not use it the way it was shown for a month afterward.
What are ya'll getting so upset about? It's only 2:30 on the west coast. There's about 3-5 hours left to release more updates. Around 9pm Central, then I'll be mad if there's no ATV update
From a business standpoint, it looks like an iPod, it sounds like an iPod and they're making money from the iPod name. Tough luck.
New Posts  All Forums: