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I'm not putting Microsoft ANYTHING on my iPhone.
Remember when Safari was released in 2003 and Opera cried? Now their up to tendy ten.
I hope it's true because my contract with AT&T expires by then and I will be ready for a new iPhone and a new provider.
I'm like totally boo-hooing. Not.
I can't believe Ballmer didn't respond with his monkey dance. Microsoft... monkey dance. Microsoft... monkey dance. Where were his backup dancers at the Microsoft Store? Microsoft is the government, AT&T, Exxon, and Walmart. They are too big to "get it". The time it takes to funnel new ideas through that company, someone else has already thought of it and acted on it. Then Microsoft buys them out and ruins it.
Too little too late. AT&T sat on their asses while Verizon got their shit together. Verizon is already deploying 4G and AT&T is just getting around to giving us MMS and upgrading 3G. Whatever. Bye.
Having been an iPhone user from the beginning and listening to 3 years of horror stories on blogs about users not getting 3G service, the service not being fast enough to support MMS and charging me an extra $10 a month for 3G service I could not receive in my area a year ago, I'm going to have to side with Verizon. AT&T does the minimum amount of work it takes to make their customers barely happy. Had 3rd parties not held AT&T accountable for their crappy network, my...
I think this is a crock of **it. If Apple can sell more units because of gaming they will do it. They support games through their TV ads and feature several gaming companies every year during WWDC.
If the iPhone does move to Verizon, it's goodbye AT&T for me. Anyone remember brand loyalty? Well with AT&T there isn't any. People are going to remember the bullshit we had to go through.
I don't understand this at all. Why would I pay $30 a month for something I can get for free? I can go to Hulu.com and watch hundreds of TV shows for free.
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