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What is up with those nasty alien hands?
I wonder what they'll do with the iMac. The new design is only a year old.
"What we want to do is to provide an alternative, an option," he says. This guy has a case of "Apple has too much and we deserve some". Apple covered their asses by writing their own operating system. Just because a company forced the OS to run on non-Apple hardware doesn't mean the world is entitled to start a business over it. That's like walking up to a stranger in a restaurant and taking food off their plate because they have too much.
I agree. I wanted to read about Snow Leopard and it was relegated to practically the last paragraph on the last page.
Well you know what? I'm with her. I've had my iPhone 3G for a month. I live in the DFW are where anyone I know with a 3G phone has all their bars. 90% of the time, I have 1 bar or it drops down to EDGE. I did not buy a 3G iPhone so it could run on EDGE most of the time. Because the 3G signal is so low, it takes forever to load a web page, or use GPS. Version 2.0.2 didn't solve the problem, so something has to be done. So fuc* all of you people that say this...
If the 2.0.2 update was supposed to help 3G then it didn't work on my phone. I'm in DFW where there's plenty of 3G cels and I've been at 1 bar since I got the phone a month ago. I rarely hit 5 bars when driving around. If this problem is hardware based, you can guarantee there's going to be a class-action lawsuit. I'm not saying that to be mean. It's just fact.
The 2.0.2 update did nothing to increase my 3G signal. My phone still sits at 1 bar most of the time or drops to EDGE.
What Apple did was jump into a field of service they knew nothing about and tried to rebirth it with their own vision of how web services should be. What they should have done was partner with Google the way they partnered with AT&T and Intel.
The service has sucked since it's inception with iTools 8 years ago. This is what happens when Steve is not passionate about one of Apple's products. He should have hired someone passionate about web services and let them run with it. I keep paying for it like an idiot because he keeps saying how wonderful it's going to be.
Basically they ran out of ideas to steal from other companies. They've sat on their asses and failed to innovate anything earth-shattering since Windows 95.
New Posts  All Forums: