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Since the birth of the internet I think I've clicked on a banner ad 5 times and have never purchased anything as a result of seeing one.
The design in the drawings isn't practical. Undoing an extra flap in the back? That's a pain in the ass. If they had a magnifying glass-type material around the edges of the lid, it would collect and refract the light into the screen.
Hmmmm... this sounds awfully familiar to 1985.
A cerebral hemorrhage is sudden. There's no way to predict that.
Unless they are going to pull out some considerable new features we don't know about, I don't think panoramic stitching and a new brush tool is going to convince people to slap down $1200 in this economy. As a matter of fact, it's so underwhelming that I don't even want to bother going through the hassle of installing it. There are 2 problems with productivity on the Mac - Microsoft and Adobe. Neither "get it".
Yeah she is pretty hot. What is she doing with him?
Schmidt was shaken that Jobs was so angry? Did he just meet Steve? People have known forever that you don't piss Steve off. And if Schmidt was dumb enough to think Steve would be cheery and giggle about the Google phone, then the man is probably too stupid to be running Google.
Epix fail.
If Save Our Heritage was so concerned about the house, then they should have had a fundraiser to purchase and restore the house themselves. All the money that was wasted in litigation could have paid for the restoration.
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