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While the iPod has become long in the tooth, there isn't anything we know of in development to replace it. As long as people want to carry around their music, they will be using an iPod.
Superior to Verizon maybe, but crap to everyone else. They can't even get 3G right and it's been out for years.
I don't see why this would be a problem. Apple has tens of billions in cash the bank.
Well, it's not surprising that AIM for Mac looks butt ugly. I don't know why I would have expected better.
That is a really crappy looking phone, but not bad for a first attempt. iPhone has nothing to worry about. Microsoft has everything to worry about.
Interesting how everyone in the ad is a Personal Computer. You know that Windows Mojave commercial? Yeah, the users never actually used the computers, they watched a demonstration. Kinda hard to judge an operating system by looking at it.
It's too late for them. 1. Apple owns more than 3/4 of the portable media market. 2. They have never gotten it right in the past which is why Apple did it. 3. No one trusts them.
How do I set the SMS sound to chime multiple times like the new features say?
Wow. Look at all those surprises in there.
Steve looks a lot healthier this time. Skinny, but healthier. Skinny ain't hurt no one!
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