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The 2.0.2 update did nothing to increase my 3G signal. My phone still sits at 1 bar most of the time or drops to EDGE.
What Apple did was jump into a field of service they knew nothing about and tried to rebirth it with their own vision of how web services should be. What they should have done was partner with Google the way they partnered with AT&T and Intel.
The service has sucked since it's inception with iTools 8 years ago. This is what happens when Steve is not passionate about one of Apple's products. He should have hired someone passionate about web services and let them run with it. I keep paying for it like an idiot because he keeps saying how wonderful it's going to be.
Basically they ran out of ideas to steal from other companies. They've sat on their asses and failed to innovate anything earth-shattering since Windows 95.
1. The RIAA doesn't give a shi*. All they see is that now tens of thousands of people need to potentially buy their music all over again. 2. Cheers to those people that now know better than to buy DRM protected tracks. Buy used CD's instead.
It's just too late. Once again the sloth that is Microsoft has shown that it just doesn't "get it". Vista has been out for 1 1/2 years, Apple has been poking them with a stick since then and now Microsoft is finally just getting around trying to get people to buy Vista. Vista is done for. Microsoft has promoted Windows 7 more than even Vista and that's what people are going to hold out for.
So I wonder who's getting fired for the worst product launch in Apple history.
Yet, once again Apple has underestimated the success of it's products. Almost every product launch is soured by underestimation, whether it's running out of a product too soon, or their servers are overloaded because of the launch of the iTunes Music store, or something else. You would think that they had learned by now.
You know what's really great about the Remote app? That it's completely useless on to those of us streaming our libraries from our Macs. You can only control files that are directly on the Apple TV. I suppose I would be grateful that the app is free, if I was even able to use any feature in it.
I just went to view my .Mac personal web pages and the rendering of the pages is completely screwed up. I made the pages in iWeb and they looked fine 2 days ago. Now there are frames around text boxes, text is a different color....
New Posts  All Forums: