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Most of the time, there are shipping delays when Apple releases a product. Rarely is the new product available to ship immediately after introduction. When the new iMacs came out and were in the stores the same day I almost sh** myself.
I have to say that my biggest surprise is that they didn't redesign the case. I think this is the first time ever that an Apple design is going into it's 5th year without a major redesign.
There's nothing bogus about it. In the first sentence, the FT says that Paramount is poised (getting ready) to move to Blu-ray. It does not say it's a done deal or that it's even in the process of happening, and Paramount has not made it official. People need to read what they see and not what they want to see.
Oh I absolutely LOVE this line.... "Customers who own the iPod must buy from iTunes if they want music in a protected format." Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's not a single customer that wants the music they buy in a protected format.
And I hope they fix the missing artwork in Front Row when you use a shared iTunes library that me and another dozen people have complained about in the forums.
Anyone know if we'll be able to drop a Penryn chip into the new iMacs?
I'm sure Apple's major lack of interest with the Apple TV might have had something to do with the lack of excitement.
W H A T E V E R! This will be thrown out.
Unfortunately for Microsoft, you can't believe anything they say about future product implementation. Windows ME was supposed to be XP, Windows XP was supposed to be Vista, and they pulled out all of the top major functionality they were going to include in Vista, making it another minor upgrade instead of a major one and covering it up with bling. Multi-touch will be great, but with Microsoft's track record, it will be lucky to make it into Windows 8. They need to...
Have no use for it anymore. I don't even know any friends that use Office on the Mac.
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