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And I hope they fix the missing artwork in Front Row when you use a shared iTunes library that me and another dozen people have complained about in the forums.
Anyone know if we'll be able to drop a Penryn chip into the new iMacs?
I'm sure Apple's major lack of interest with the Apple TV might have had something to do with the lack of excitement.
W H A T E V E R! This will be thrown out.
Unfortunately for Microsoft, you can't believe anything they say about future product implementation. Windows ME was supposed to be XP, Windows XP was supposed to be Vista, and they pulled out all of the top major functionality they were going to include in Vista, making it another minor upgrade instead of a major one and covering it up with bling. Multi-touch will be great, but with Microsoft's track record, it will be lucky to make it into Windows 8. They need to...
Have no use for it anymore. I don't even know any friends that use Office on the Mac.
That little device is a kick-ass idea.
I don't understand how this is different than what was tried here. It makes sense for me for the TV stations to offer the programs for free on their web sites. Now if iTunes wants to make money from TV programming, it should allow programs from all over the world available to everyone.
Yeah, like I said in the 9th post
I couldn't agree more. I've had my Apple TV since it was released, and I've seen hardly an effort put into this device. The last activity we've had from Apple is when they added YouTube on June 20. Big f-deal. Trying to use YouTube with the Apple remote is like trying to chew without teeth.I've rarely watched a movie all the way through without having to get up and reset something. My Mac will lose the connection, or the Apple TV will lose the connection, or error...
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