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Interesting how everyone in the ad is a Personal Computer. You know that Windows Mojave commercial? Yeah, the users never actually used the computers, they watched a demonstration. Kinda hard to judge an operating system by looking at it.
It's too late for them. 1. Apple owns more than 3/4 of the portable media market. 2. They have never gotten it right in the past which is why Apple did it. 3. No one trusts them.
How do I set the SMS sound to chime multiple times like the new features say?
Wow. Look at all those surprises in there.
Steve looks a lot healthier this time. Skinny, but healthier. Skinny ain't hurt no one!
Typical, couple day's before keynote, web posting "mistake". They've been doing it since the PowerMac G5 came out.
This has been my most-wanted feature too since the iPod Nano was released. I really don't understand why it's still not there. I could fit so much more music on my iPhone. My other most wanted feature is video playlists. People have been asking for this for 3 years.
I wouldn't really consider these features "surprises". A surprise would be a new Apple TV or something.
When I worked at Cisco, we worked on .1, .2, and .3 in parallel with each other.So how do you know there's no parallel development? Did you work there? Do you have a spy camera hidden somewhere on their campus?Please share with us your factual knowledge of how you could possibly know this.
New Posts  All Forums: