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That little device is a kick-ass idea.
I don't understand how this is different than what was tried here. It makes sense for me for the TV stations to offer the programs for free on their web sites. Now if iTunes wants to make money from TV programming, it should allow programs from all over the world available to everyone.
Yeah, like I said in the 9th post
I couldn't agree more. I've had my Apple TV since it was released, and I've seen hardly an effort put into this device. The last activity we've had from Apple is when they added YouTube on June 20. Big f-deal. Trying to use YouTube with the Apple remote is like trying to chew without teeth.I've rarely watched a movie all the way through without having to get up and reset something. My Mac will lose the connection, or the Apple TV will lose the connection, or error...
Somehow I highly doubt that the 10.5.2 interim upgrade will be more significant than the 10.4.4 switch to Intel processors.
I'm sorry but that thing is just plain U G L Y. If designs from 1992 are coming back, then great. However it reminds me of my old 1983 Osbourne portable computer - sure, it was portable but had no style. I'd rather be seen carrying around the actual book than that thing. Yes it sold out in 5 hours. I'm guessing to technology enthusiasts such as magazines and TV shows.
Ok can understand, but that is a horrible business idea. If they didn't patent it, then someone else would have. That's like having a winning lottery ticket and not cashing it in because they are too many rich people in the world.
And had you invented that common-sense, billion dollar hand soap idea that every household and company uses, and someone decided they were going to use it instead without paying you anything, you would be on one hell of a journey in the courts.
So basically you're implying that while Klausner Technologies invented the technology and spent thousands of dollars patenting it, they should just let AT&T have it?
I think it's pretty hypocritical NBC whines about Apple's pricing policies, yet they pay their writers shi*. "It is clear that AppleĀ’s retail pricing strategy for its iTunes service is designed to drive sales of Apple devices at the expense of those who create the content"
New Posts  All Forums: