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Never going to survive without a hard drive to cache the content. When the connection craps out and you have to start the movie over again there will be some pissed off people.
I don't think Apple cares if Microsoft is the first to the table with touch screen PC's because Apple already has the iPhone, which is OS X. Most of the public is not ready for a multi-touch Windows 7 PC. It may be built in, but most people won't use it except on small devices. Who gives a flying fu** about Bill's multi-touch extravaganza. Just get the damn OS into the modern ages and working right. No, wait.... they put MinWin off until 2013. The world will have to...
Everything feels snappier! Safari opens... Boom! Actually I notice no speed difference in anything except repairing disk permissions. 2.4ghz iMac. Maybe it's because my iMac is so blazingly fast that I will never notice a speed increase ever again.
I think this patent goes hand in hand with a previous Apple patent, the translucent LCD display. When you put the two together, it tells me Apple Tablet.
Mighty Mouse sucks anyway, I dumped it after 2 years or squeezing the damn thing. Why Apple thought squeezing a mouse is easier than pressing a button is beyond me. Definitely not a Steve Jobs project.
I believe it was used as an example. ZDNet misconstrued what was said and jumped all over it. I guess many companies don't take their journalism seriously these days. Every day I come across news articles with mistakes in spelling, grammar and accuracy.
It's too early. I doubt they're going to release anything until more is known about Windows 7.
That Vista number is so padded it's not even funny. I know not one person I'm associated with that is running Vista.
It makes sense to me that this remote would be or include the iPhone/iPod Touch. This seems to coincide with the rumors going around using the iPhone as a touchscreen remote. As for the Apple TV for gaming, I think it's plenty powerful for family games, not for GTA.
They might have squared it off to fit more into the case.
New Posts  All Forums: