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You can't unless you have a jailbroken phone.
I'm confused. Wasn't AT&T crying like a baby just less than a year ago about the strain on their network from the iPhone and now they're the ones that are supporting the iPad? I almost always agree with you Steve, but this time hell no.
Nice try of smoothing it over, Tim. Just that fact that AT&T has to roll out a microcell system shows that their network is like a dinosaur with a full, shitty diaper dragging behind him. Even Sprint is rolling out its 4G network and AT&T can't even finish 3G. If AT&T had any vision of the future, they would skip 4G and go to 5, but they don't have any vision which is why they're falling behind the other networks. You don't have to listen to Tim Cook spout off about how...
What a fantasyland those AT&T executives are in. Tired of taking the heat from iPhone users? What they mean to say is the iPhone is too good for their network. There's one thing that's absolutely true - it definitely hurt their reputation.
The iPhone is actually over $500 if you buy one new, not subsidized by a phone carrier. If this tablet isn't subsidized, I don't care how many features it has, I wouldn't pay over $500 for it. $700? Really? This thing is going to be shoved around on coffee tables, taken outdoors, into the bathroom and unlike a laptop it doesn't fold shut to protect it. I couldn't stand the thought of accidentally dropping a $700 piece of electronic glass.
Steve hasn't used "One more thing" in years.
There's no way it's going to be called iTablet or iSlate because it doesn't sound right. As a matter of fact, I say it's not going to be named iAnything.
Kindle profits are about to go down.
I think we're going to see the introduction of a painting program for iLife.
Oh jesus, they're going to make them a dozen different colors like the iPod Nano and first iBooks. The teaser makes me think this is more geared toward the graphic design, photo and entertainment industry with probably mobile versions of Aperture or iPhoto and a painting program.
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