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I'm kind of tired of hearing about how often they mess with display adapter technology when we're STILL stuck with USB 2.0. I can't stand syncing my iPhone because it takes forever. Where's eSATA? Computer speed has quadrupled in speed and the external technologies haven't changed in almost a decade.
Who didn't see that coming? Happens with every new product they release.
I have to wonder why they bothered. Once again it's missing features from the Windows version. Even Microsoft took 10 years to learn that while Office looks Mac-like, it's missing features cripple the software compared to the Windows version.
Why does the camera have to be built in? Apple can sell one as an accessory.
I think it's too little, too late for AT&T. They seem to think their bad image is only caused by the speed of the service when they have horrible customer service issues to deal with as well. I'm getting really sick and f*cking tired of paying a $30 iPhone service charge every month.
I don't see this as a popular solution. As a matter of fact I think it's stupid. Why have two chips when they can just have one and throttle it up or down as needed just like a regular CPU?
Why? Because he doesn't want a 20 year old piece of shit software vampiring the battery life from the devices he's trying to promote?Flash was not designed for portable devices. It has a bandaid on it to work on portable devices, but otherwise sucks up the same energy as a desktop computer.Adobe could have rewritten it from scratch, but they sat on their asses like most companies do that don't have any competition. Well, now they do and they're panicking because it's...
"It feels pretty busy around here, so I'm not sure what that's about," Lynch said. "And that's a rumor. I haven't heard that necessarily he did say that. But maybe he did, whatever." Does that sound like a man that's in touch with his company? It feels busy around here? Performance improvements are not enough. The program needs to be rewritten from scratch, which they should have done years ago. Now it's too late. Flash is now RealPlayer, scrambling for its life.
It's usually the people that don't know what they're talking about when they have to change the subject to something completely unrelated to the story for their own agenda.
Unless they plan on writing that pile of crap from scratch, they may have a chance. But I think they sat on their asses too long and now it's too late. HTML is easier to program for and with Flash you practically have to have a degree to use it, like most other Adobe products. Microsoft = Internet Explorer Netscape = Navigator
New Posts  All Forums: