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Well, I can say of those 2.5 million Macs that 2 went to one of my friends because he was sick and tired of troubleshooting Windows, and another 2 Macs were purchased by my company to replace Windows.
Just an opinion, but I image they're in line to buy several of them and then scalp them on eBay or another country. Otherwise I don't see why on earth anyone would stand in line for a week for anything but food.
Once those people get switched over to Mac they'll wonder how they ever did without it.
I hope you're being sarcastic. Like they're going to send the shipping companies new boxes to put the software in?
What a complete lack of common sense and a waste of resources. We'll pick it up and redeliver it in a few days. If it were me, they wouldn't get it back.
Sometimes it amazes me that I'm using a 1980's ball on my mouse and that it needs to make fake noises to satisfy me. So the optical sensor will be greatly appreciated. And what's up with those ugly alien fingers Apple uses for its patent drawings?
I can see buying the desktop, but if anyone buys one of these for their business, then it's just plain stupidity. I can't imagine any IT department supporting a server based system that's completely hacked.
Man, Apple is really coming back with a vengeance!
While they might not support PPC with consumers I think they will support it internally. As we know from the Intel "surprise", Apple always keeps another processor platform handy in case a switch is needed.
Ok, Steve's health does not appear to be robust. I thought that he looked frail in 2006 after having cancer, which is to be expected, but my jaw dropped when I saw him last night. You can see his bones through the turtleneck. I've also noticed more and more that Steve is having his tech guys up on stage to discuss the products, as if to transition us slowly away from Steve being the keynote leader. I may be completely wrong, (I hope I am) but I don't think I am. I...
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