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Could someone please point me to a law somewhere that states when a company writes an operating system that it has to run on any computer?
You don't even know the name of the version of OS X that comes before Snow Leopard, you don't say what Mac you're using and you have the nerve to tell people to boycott? you must be any of the following. 1. 13 years old. 2. Ignorant of computer hardware. 3. A total and complete dumbass.
I just don't understand these installation times. While the WWDC build took 15 minutes to install on my Mac Pro and 24" iMac, the retail version takes 40 minutes.
All of this integration actually confuses new Mac users instead of helping them. I work in an office of switchers and I was constantly being called over to help the user out of a Parallels jam. Parallels isn't helping the user use Windows, it's helping the user use parts of Windows mixed in with OS X. So now the user isn't just using Windows or OS X, they are using this confusing, integrated combination of both which is just as difficult for them to learn as OS X...
They sure are taking their sweet 'ol time with it.
The small tablet is probably going to run the App Store which is probably why Apple is building that server farm. If they start on it now, then it can be build by the time the tablet launches next year.
What is going on with Apple's graphic designers? That artwork looks like it was pulled off a web site as well as most of the new desktop backgrounds.
That bank is in for a world of trouble with that application. The iPhone camera has no image stabilization so they are going to be sorting through thousands blurry checks. Even as calm as I am I have to take several shots of whatever I'm taking a picture of because most of them will be blurry.
Apple needs to get with the program and update it's antique 30-inch displays. I'm guessing one of the new features that Apple didn't want to go with is SATA. Frankly I'm a little miffed that my Mac Pro and iMac are stuck with old Firewire technology and the Windows world is cruising around with external SATA ports.
Who are you to call this frivolous? Companies spend thousands of dollars protecting themselves with patents. That's why patents exist ***EDIT: PLease, no attacks.
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