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So basically, the police have nothing to do with this story since the phone would call a security agent instead. Great writing.
Wouldn't the first month of April occur 2008 years ago?
That's it. Hire the same company that made you look like a dumbass in your own ads for another ad campaign. Way to go. Will this one have little 7 year old girls alone on a computer?
This iPod is a disaster. Now that the controls are separated from the Shuffle, you are guaranteed to accidentally leave the headphones at home with no way to control your music. You can no longer plug it into your car or home stereo and their list of blinking lights and button presses is a nightmare. They haven't simplified anything. It just looks like they have. Hell, had they just moved the battery to the headphones it could have been 1/3 the size it is now. ...
Wow, this is the first keynote I have absolutely no desire to see.
The product is going to bomb. Mark my words.
Uhhhh, that's not significantly smaller than a AA battery.
Whatever. Steve also said they weren't working on a phone and 6 months later that's what we got.
Ummmm, I hardly think that Apple neglects it's desktop business. Just because they don't have 17 different versions of the iMac to update every 2 months means they are neglecting their desktop business?
These updates are really disappointing and tells me Apple is either playing it safe or has taken a financial hit. Worst of all none of these updates makes me want to upgrade and just stick with what I already have.
New Posts  All Forums: