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What it says to me is that "we narrowed all of our attention to the iPhone and half-assed Leopard for you guys." Well, as long as 10.6 is free that's fine.
You haven't been around here long have you? This happens every year. There's no reason as to why someone would do it, they just do. I have absolutely no idea why someone would photoshop a label on a box instead of just making it by hand, which would have taken less time, but they did.
Just because some people say it's a fake doesn't mean they're are saying that just because it's their opinion. It is actually fake. 1. The bottom edge of the label is blurred. 2. The text in the center of the stamp halfway under the label is blurred while the surrounding text is clear. 3. The text on the label doesn't conform to the curves of the label itself. 4. That is the bottom of the box the label is affixed to. 5. Apple shipments aren't sent from that...
If someone from here would have read the MacRumors story on this last night you wouldn't have bothered to post this story. It's photoshopped. How embarrassing.
I know how I can do better than getting both. Getting neither one. Anyone that has been following technology over the past 8 months has seen Microsoft backtracking on Vista. Now every company has to go downhill at some point. The problem is that they haven't shown anyone what they can do to correct the problems they are currently having. They are throwing Windows 7 out there early to draw attention away from Vista, but they haven't shown in any way that Windows 7 will...
10.5.3 is now an issue for me. I have a 24" aluminum iMac and the update has rendered iMovie '08 useless. I get no video in the preview window, therefore I can not see what I'm editing.
It was more like 12 hours for me. My outage started at noon.
Never going to survive without a hard drive to cache the content. When the connection craps out and you have to start the movie over again there will be some pissed off people.
I don't think Apple cares if Microsoft is the first to the table with touch screen PC's because Apple already has the iPhone, which is OS X. Most of the public is not ready for a multi-touch Windows 7 PC. It may be built in, but most people won't use it except on small devices. Who gives a flying fu** about Bill's multi-touch extravaganza. Just get the damn OS into the modern ages and working right. No, wait.... they put MinWin off until 2013. The world will have to...
Everything feels snappier! Safari opens... Boom! Actually I notice no speed difference in anything except repairing disk permissions. 2.4ghz iMac. Maybe it's because my iMac is so blazingly fast that I will never notice a speed increase ever again.
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