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If this does happen I would hope it's not built into the internal hardware, which I think is a stupid idea which limits the consumer and would be a tech support nightmare for both companies.
Same canned responses they gave a year before the iPhone and Apple TV debuted.
I hope this addresses the overall speed of the program. Quicktime is the slowest loading program on my 2.4ghz iMac and movies take 5-10 seconds to load.
I love headlines that have "may have" in them, completely negating the validity of the story.
Somehow waiting all day for my battery to be replaced doesn't appeal to me. If you don't live near an Apple store, then you're SOL unless you want to be without your laptop for a week and pay shipping charges on top of that $179 battery.
Just goes to prove that Microsoft execs have no vision. They can only make money by changing and integrating things that already exist and using their marketing muscle to make it happen. Windows 7 looks more like OS X than ever.
If it doesn't get Keychain support, I'm not interested.
That HP MediaSmart is so friggin' ugly, yet they proudly display it on a transparent stand.
I just realized that I can't remember the last keynote that did anything for me. Oh, wait. The iPhone.
I hope some of the iMovie features that were removed for the '08 version will be restored.
New Posts  All Forums: