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Are you serious eh? Don't be a such a 'hoser' - we have had our 11th blizzard this week and it would nice to have Apple Pay for the firewood.
If you can't Beats them, ignore them.
The bar is set so low for Amazon that pennies of profit lead to 10% jump. Why are Munster and the others setting the bar so high for Apple this quarter you would wonder? All the negatives about China and the US dollar etc, should be pushing expectations down. Wall Street want AAPL to go down and so what better way than make up some targets that will be very hard to beat?   Apple (AAPL) is being set up. Again.
On cue. Apple earnings next week and here come the same old bad news stories. Tiresome.
'Koan'? Curious word so I looked it up. You may mean conundrum rather than the nonsensical or paradoxical question aka koan. Or a synonym for an impossible choice. But thanks for the word of the day. 
AAPL at 172... that would be a very nice Christmas present. Not sure Wall Street Grinch wants us to have this.
I think Apple may still try to invalidate the patent as some have noted the technology had prior art. Intel settled because they were caught breaking a NDA, when the WARF inventor presented to them prior to the patent being issued. Not sure why the USPTO have been resistant to review - they certainly are happy to review and invalidate Apple patents for Samsung when they ask.
They should have color coded the stylus so it gets inserted the right way. I keep telling Samsung owners to 'shove it' correctly.. but for some reason, they take it the wrong way...
"...the device runs an older version of iOS that Apple can unlock." No problem - ask their buddies at the NSA. Should take only a minute for them.
Good for Dell. Shows you what taking your company 'private' can do... Apple could take this road as well.
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