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Good for Dell. Shows you what taking your company 'private' can do... Apple could take this road as well.
uh... doubt it. No. Not ever.
That is how I started with it, but now I have gone into health apps in a big way. With the watch, I have actually started to increase my daily activity, have lost weight and feel great. I realize it is motivation not technology that has pushed me into being less sedentary, but really feel that the Apple watch has added greatly to my motivation, as I get ongoing feedback as to my activity. So overall, I am very happy with this purchase.
One would hope that your brilliant piece would have the equivalent effect of lifting a rock and having the bugs run away from the light. Sadly, not. Now we see that the iPhone market concerns in China were invented, rather than real, with pre-orders being sold out in hours. How long before CNBC brings out the first slimy opinion hit on Apple, who will suggest that they had only a few dozen to sell there?
Exactly why delaying paying is a strategy used by big corporations.It would be ironic if Samsung's move to have the patents tossed, results in a benefit for Apple.
Smartflash has also gone after Samsung, but the patents were to undergo re-examination in June, as some were felt to be 'abstract'. If the patents are tossed out, it's hard to see how the cases against Apple and Samsung wouldn't be dropped and all damages becoming null and void.   If not, Apple could always tell Smartflash to collect from the money owed by Samsung. That should slow collection down haha.      
"Apple representatives boosted issue resolution rates to 99 percent". I don't think the 'top 24' listed even come close to this number, at least any of the ones that I have dealt with. As far as wait times increasing - this is all related to overwhelming demand for products. I have never had a problem with Apple service. I have no idea how they scored this but I smell a rat.
Words fail me...
As the Euro drops things will improve for exports, but right now, things are not great in the EU. Hitting on US companies is their way of balancing their budgets.
Lewis Hilsenteger? OMG. This is the same guy that started the iPhone 6+ bend controversy. His bend till it breaks video was later thought to be altered for a more 'dramatic' effect but he still managed to get more than 30 million views to pay for his broken iPhone 6+ .. and then some.   Sandpaper? C'mon Lewis, why don't you just bend the Apple watch for us?  .... /s
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