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Hahaha. What no Imperialist.. pig ? No Imperialist ... dog ?   Disappointing. Anyway, this is not intended to be a forum for insults, so go out and get some yummy Korean BBQ. And lighten up.
"the South Korean tech giant as a "challenger" in the industry."   What a crock. How about seeing Samsung as a 'thief'
Norwegians have sensitive spots too ..
Mobile phone eavesdropping NSA + Google personal data collection + 'always listening' Google phone... Sounds good. What could go wrong with that?
Well thought out post. Thank you. It seems that Apple, Samsung and the ITC have brought this down to the wire. Perhaps the ITC powers should extend to issuing FRAND rates rather than leaving to 'slow as molasses' courts. Or dissolve the ITC, as we witness the unintentional but long reaching negative effects of a ban.
You think THAT is what this is about? You need to do some reading mate.
"Danger, will Rubin son!"   I keep laughing at this one. So silly.
Well you certainly have a very 'interesting' understanding of Wall Street and the market. Amazon is a legitimate company but AMZN is not a 'sure thing'. Hey but keep that tin foil on your head, wash your hands constantly..whatever it takes,  and your investments will be safe. Thanks for the laugh regardless.
  Well when you put it THAT way.... Agree. But how long before the phone is not worth the subscription cost?
He wanted to make a name for himself...   uh.. I think it worked. His strategy was flawed, if he wanted Apple to appreciate his abilities.
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