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Perhaps he has access to unlimited numbers of them, should they get waterlogged?  No matter. I think I will let mine charge while I take a 1 hour shower. Haha
Showers apparently are more of a problem for watches than just submersion underwater, as the soap lowers water surface tension and could allow water to access the case more easily. I would not wear a watch with ipx7 into shower.
 IMO, yes.
 An injunction even on past products, may establish an important precedent for future infringement rulings. The delay in the courts made sure that there were no current products. Good strategy for spineless judges - wait long enough and it all becomes irrelevant.
Yes, that analysis works for AMZN too... wait...I think your view is partially correct and needs to include sentiment and the usual crooked WS manipulation.
Breen knows tech but he is not in the same league as Anand Lal Shimpi whom Apple also hired recently. Apple must have its reasons, but I wrote Breen off (and Macworld) when he as an editor, invited Andy Inatko to 'describe' why he left Apple for Android on Macworld - and make it like an opinion piece rather than as a review. Still not sure why he did it since he knew that many would be upset with the articles - he took flak,and became quite annoyed by the criticism. At any...
Maynard...Um .. is  um.. an idiot.
I could never trust an analyst whose last name 'um' ... sounds like a pause?
Yes of course it was the carriers conspiring for Blackberry's demise, which they did with bad product placement. /s In reality, Canada's carriers are not so different from US. Both Apple and BB were harmed by 'Android pushing' by carriers, with lower subsidization meaning more $$ in their pockets. And to be frank,  the corporate market was BB's to lose, and they lost it and consumers,  while their CEOs were chasing NHL franchise ownerships. They should have stayed focused...
Twit? The attorney's team had 10 years to 'organise' !Look in a mirror when you toss insults related to intelligence.
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