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Unlikely with what has been happening, that they are SEPs. So I suspect that there will be some crosslicensing with Google to Apple's benefit, rather than demanding a work around or royalties. As Google is in the hot seat, it will likely tread carefully right now for its patents through Motorola. Samsung... Personally, if I was Apple, I would try to hurt Samsung badly. You may have heard that they are not friends hahaha.
J. D. Power also rated the Pontiac Aztec as 'best in class', and least $$ for junk. Ok, we had our laugh Mr. Power, but this is Halloween, not April Fools Day.
 If this was based only on volunteered customer surveys... the survey says a lot more about Samsung users than anything. "sure this is a piece of crap, but it was really cheap piece of crap... Thank you Mr. Samsung. A+ ". But it also shows math isn't being taught in schools anymore.
I have never used JD Power to influence my buying of cars. Good thing, given that they can't add their own scores correctly. I might have ended up with a Pontiac Aztek. Sure it was utterly hideous, but you sure could get them cheap.
Scott. We all know you are a Samsung shill. You made your point. Collect your dollar and go back to CNET.
Exactly. Apple has no need and I suspect no desire, to make multi-touch a SEP. And no reason to cross license anything from Samsung as their SEP can be bought at fair prices now
 I thought that companies submit their patents to be considered for SEP, which is sometimes an advantage with competing solutions. If this is true, why in the world would Apple go this route to charge a fee (which they do not need) rather than block all infringing devices?
 Haha. Agree 100%. That Trainer guy called for AAPL @240 in May of this year! You could be tempted to just call him stupidly stupid (and insult really stupid people) but I think he did it to manipulate, and short the stock . By the way he uses a bogus calculation only he uses, to achieve stock price he wants. And no the SEC never pays attention to these guys.
I think that it is curious that there is not more detail in the video, why they did not use a third party person to test the hacked fingerprint and why they needed to have the fingerprint on a translucent backing - stuck to a real finger. I think we need more proof. If they did this as they have depicted, it re-enforces that this can not be ultimate security for iPhone users.   If they scammed us by a bogus video to take the prize money through a lie - well I think...
New Posts  All Forums: