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Yes of course it was the carriers conspiring for Blackberry's demise, which they did with bad product placement. /s In reality, Canada's carriers are not so different from US. Both Apple and BB were harmed by 'Android pushing' by carriers, with lower subsidization meaning more $$ in their pockets. And to be frank,  the corporate market was BB's to lose, and they lost it and consumers,  while their CEOs were chasing NHL franchise ownerships. They should have stayed focused...
Twit? The attorney's team had 10 years to 'organise' !Look in a mirror when you toss insults related to intelligence.
 Haha. Close. Samsung will have cases that are unobtainium colored plastic
Funny that you wrote this. In Android Device Manager - yes you can lock your phone and this will frustrate efforts to access your information, although a savvy hacker can bypass it. Yes you can remotely erase your phone to clear all data and leave the thief with your phone restored to factory settings. Saves them the trouble. In iOS, you can find and lock and erase your phone. And with Activation Lock, unless you have the original ID, that phone is bricked and of no use to...
Was there no merit to the 4 patents she dismissed? She obviously does not care that this looks biased, but is she legally correct to do so?
If they admitted the guilt like this, it is not far from 'willfulness', grounds for increasing the penalty. Why Judge Koh did not 3x the final figure remains a mystery. And a source of debate I think in legal circles. Can she still do this in this new trial?
If you never reported on IDC or SA, ever again, for eternity... would any of us notice or care? [crickets]
I think it is great that Amazon pulled this tech off. But a review from DisplayMate on...well.. only displays, is hardly adequate  for an informed buying decision. When you buy a car, is 'windshield' your highest category - over performance, engine quality, seating comfort, safety, fuel economy? When you look at their summary chart, IMO there does not seem to be a great deal of difference and the difference between an A and A- seems to be highly subjective. But if you want...
Unlikely with what has been happening, that they are SEPs. So I suspect that there will be some crosslicensing with Google to Apple's benefit, rather than demanding a work around or royalties. As Google is in the hot seat, it will likely tread carefully right now for its patents through Motorola. Samsung... Personally, if I was Apple, I would try to hurt Samsung badly. You may have heard that they are not friends hahaha.
J. D. Power also rated the Pontiac Aztec as 'best in class', and least $$ for junk. Ok, we had our laugh Mr. Power, but this is Halloween, not April Fools Day.
New Posts  All Forums: