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"Danger, will Rubin son!"   I keep laughing at this one. So silly.
Well you certainly have a very 'interesting' understanding of Wall Street and the market. Amazon is a legitimate company but AMZN is not a 'sure thing'. Hey but keep that tin foil on your head, wash your hands constantly..whatever it takes,  and your investments will be safe. Thanks for the laugh regardless.
  Well when you put it THAT way.... Agree. But how long before the phone is not worth the subscription cost?
He wanted to make a name for himself...   uh.. I think it worked. His strategy was flawed, if he wanted Apple to appreciate his abilities.
What are you talking about.? Even the rest of the Eurozone mocks French work ethics, because of its 35-hour work week, bloated pension plans and early retirement age. Crosissants? Please stop this BS commenting. There is very little in similarities between France and the US.  
A raid, like there was a bank robber in the offices? And the French wonder why the world makes French jokes? The loss of a business is unfortunate no doubt, but this happens when larger retailers compete against boutiques.
Maybe the EU could give some instructions on SEP to the ITC.
Respectfully disagree with your points. Amazon's predatory pricing is not on trial but really should be, as they lost 39 million on 61B of revenue in 2012. So where's the DOJ outrage? ...suppressed by the sea of public support that likes 'cheap'. As for "It was just an illegal one"...That is one for the judge  so we will need the ruling to determine if you are right. I am betting the DOJ fails to make the case, and you are wrong.
Don't know about BMW but the nav system and display UI in my new Honda Pilot could use a little iOS magic. I had heard BMW being criticized for their UI so not sure they really get it. Better experience with UI means more sales. They are sitting on their prestige appeal or do not want to lose their investment on their own display engineering.
New Posts  All Forums: