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Don't know about BMW but the nav system and display UI in my new Honda Pilot could use a little iOS magic. I had heard BMW being criticized for their UI so not sure they really get it. Better experience with UI means more sales. They are sitting on their prestige appeal or do not want to lose their investment on their own display engineering.
This is the basis of the expression "Going Dutch" in which you split everything. Including design patents, IP, etc.
Actually the fall in margins for Apple may have been due more to write downs on warranties including 0.5B on China. Samsung's margins will fall in future on handsets, as consumers will continue to tolerate present cheap plastic build on the SG phones when they have HTC One or iPhone alternatives.
"Apple has dropped the ball on this"   What rubbish. It's called personal responsibility. I suppose that ALL manufacturers need to step up and prevent thefts... watches, jewellery, TVs, cars.. /s  Carriers and telcos could prevent activation of stolen phones by registering all IMEI numbers and blocking ones reported stolen or hacked numbers. But they don't - you figure out why.   As far as Apple dropping the ball, stop trolling and go back to your Samsung...
He doesn't know Jack Schmidt...
Galaxy IV... She's a beaut....
It is hard to defend against this. Once you start you can never stop. And not responding to a lie, will make it the truth in the media. Better to not comment. Just run the company well and make great products.
These are the guys that helped AAPL crash and burn. And then they come out with a statement like that? They add a new dimension to the term 'slimey analysts'.
Et tu Brutus Guy?
Enough of Judge Judy already. Please. She will delay and delay and delay this case until smartphones are yesterday's tech. Check back in 2018 ok?
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