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Nice post. Those traders that shorted the stock have moved on. They are not coming back to APPL for awhile, especially as there are juicy targets like Netflix and Amazon around.
What a sham. This is another analyst that omitted the extra week in the YOY comparison, leading to the 'disappointing earnings'. Yeah right. If most of the analysts advise buy over neutral or sell, why is AAPL not climbing to numbers that make sense? All these guys have great things to say about Apple, but out the other side of their mouths, they are saying something else. We should just not listen to these guys. After all, what has he said that AI readers did not already...
Maybe this is a signal for upcoming IGZO displays from Sharp. Now that would be nice across the iOS line!
Samsung does not release unit sales. How does IDC report unit sales with any confidence?
I can hardly wait.... /s
Production problems or sales demand?
"For us to succeed, is it necessary for some other company to fail? No. We%u2019re actually doing something different." Even his answers are copied.
Yes. Timed perfectly for calls that expire this week.
  Perfect timing for calls due in a week. The WSJ has released negative Apple stories in past that seem suspiciously timed to earnings reports. I am sure that the SEC will react aggressively by raising their eyebrows for 5 minutes this morning...
    Hahaha   Exactly how it happened according to an 'iWitness'.
New Posts  All Forums: