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This is just my personal view. Amazon has two faces. On one side, it is the customer service oriented online wonderchild. On the other hand it is a predatory piranha that will kill many businesses by the time it is done. Amazon has pulled the wool over the DOJs eyes, so that they see only the good side. In the past Amazon have avoided being charged with 'predatory pricing' (which is intended solely to put competitors out of business) because they have 'made' a profit...
It did come down to her sense of the 'infringement sum', and that Apple did not 'prove' that the infringing devices were selected over the Apple devices. From what I read, this will is a tricky ruling that will be studied closely as this will affect future IP rulings. Would it have been better if this was not a trial by jury for the precedence aspects?
Over the top rant warning.
  Nice post.
AAPL drops again. 300,000 is ok but it is not 500,000,000,000 we were expecting. /s
Apple would seek damages from Android profit. Google does not make enough from Android to make it worthwhile.
 I find this very confusing as under a 'Attorneys Eyes Only' designation, NONE of the specific information can be shown to Samsung directly. So really it is the Samsung's attorney who will review and see if the patents are the same or different than ones settled with HTC. If they are the same, they still can not demand equal terms from Apple on non FRAND patents. But is it the judge has the power here? ie decide that if Apple settled with HTC, it must settle with...
Exactly. He is such a bull...
Gene Munster's predictions are often wrong and never help. He is never low on AAPL. He contributes to the "average analyst numbers". When he targets AAPL to ridiculous highs, AAPL goes down as having  "disappointed analysts' expectations". His comment about "worse case scenario of 6 million for iPhone 5" sales in first weekend began the AAPL descent when they 'only' sold 5 million. Only?  Seems like a nice guy who loves Apple but I would like it if Gene took the next...
New Posts  All Forums: