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Actually when I read about this indeed it is complicated by the different interpretations of consumer law between member states of the EU and UK. Perhaps you are a consumer lawyer based in Brussels and have a clearer grasp on this. LOL. Consumer protection laws are not always clear either in North America. I am not sure where you get that Apple pitches Applecare any differently in various countries -it  seems clearly spelled out.
  Why not? And a daily 24 point Monotype Italian Old Style font apology on the front page of Corriere della Sera. LOL
  Are you pulling the UK judge card? Personally I am sick about hearing about UK judges. Can you stop please?
  I think the point being made is that whatever Apple does in Europe, it can't win with so many consumers having such strong feelings of entitlement.  I am all for consumer protection, but I can't see how this is good for business.
Not sure of the exact dates. 'Eucalyptus' which came out in 2009 I think, had an effect that was similar but  superior to the previously released 'Classics' app. I still have both and the animation remains very good, although it seems to be buggy on iOS 6 (crashes).  I loved when it came out that it created a very believable illusion of actually flipping a page. Much better illusion than Classics and perhaps a little better than iBook IMO.
Remember the story that Samsung was stopping the supply of ALL chips to Apple. Another bogus FUD story along with the news of an imminent iPhone 5s. Pathetic that "news sources" release lies.
I am not sure what to think about all this. While I understand that the judges were upset with the original notice, it seems that this has become personal for them with their statements about Apple's 'integrity'. Reading UK papers which reflect widespread anti-Apple sentiment, one would wonder how the UK could remain a prime market for Apple. Perhaps we are seeing the more sensationalist views.
Ok let's add the clues. 3 million sold in first weekend. And those were just WiFi only. Great reviews even from unlikely sources. Line ups even though you could order on line. ATT is going to subsidize to get in on the action. I do believe this means one thing... Apple is doomed. Apple has another blockbuster winner!
Vote for Pedro...?
As I have read, the four patents in the trial and the one at the ITC, are being reviewed by the USPTO  at Apple’s and Cisco's request. And they preliminarily rejected the claims.
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