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Gene Munster's predictions are often wrong and never help. He is never low on AAPL. He contributes to the "average analyst numbers". When he targets AAPL to ridiculous highs, AAPL goes down as having  "disappointed analysts' expectations". His comment about "worse case scenario of 6 million for iPhone 5" sales in first weekend began the AAPL descent when they 'only' sold 5 million. Only?  Seems like a nice guy who loves Apple but I would like it if Gene took the next...
Samsung thinks with US courts/ITC that are slower than molasses, and EU/UK courts that are Samsung friendly, that it is cheaper to pay 'parking ticket fines' if/when they get caught. Sadly they are mostly right. Samsung has a shady reputation that goes well beyond copying Apple (interesting read at http://www.kernelmag.com/features/report/3028/samsung-power-corruption-and-lies/).
Newer than you I see by your post number. Impressive.
Actually it is something that should be fair to both and not intended to benefit consumers that have unrealistic expectations of product life. I am not sure I accept car warranties as being entirely relevant here as there are personal safety issues that supersede any warranty, but I accept your point that there should be a reasonable expectation of usefulness. Two years for a phone or equivalent without lots of mechanical wear and tear seems not unreasonable - so we...
Actually when I read about this indeed it is complicated by the different interpretations of consumer law between member states of the EU and UK. Perhaps you are a consumer lawyer based in Brussels and have a clearer grasp on this. LOL. Consumer protection laws are not always clear either in North America. I am not sure where you get that Apple pitches Applecare any differently in various countries -it  seems clearly spelled out.
  Why not? And a daily 24 point Monotype Italian Old Style font apology on the front page of Corriere della Sera. LOL
  Are you pulling the UK judge card? Personally I am sick about hearing about UK judges. Can you stop please?
  I think the point being made is that whatever Apple does in Europe, it can't win with so many consumers having such strong feelings of entitlement.  I am all for consumer protection, but I can't see how this is good for business.
Not sure of the exact dates. 'Eucalyptus' which came out in 2009 I think, had an effect that was similar but  superior to the previously released 'Classics' app. I still have both and the animation remains very good, although it seems to be buggy on iOS 6 (crashes).  I loved when it came out that it created a very believable illusion of actually flipping a page. Much better illusion than Classics and perhaps a little better than iBook IMO.
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