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It has left Louisville! Getting a tinsy bit excited lol.
My UPS track says my package has now has a Import Scan at 8:00am this morning! It has been there since Sat am., so any change is good. Two days to Christmas.
UPS just changed my status! Still in Lousiville but now it has been scanned as "imported". That was at exactly 8:00am so, I am sure that probably happened to all of them at once. Still, every change is good as we wait for Christmas morning...
It's like a bunch of children trying to peek at their christmas presents two days early. We will be able to see it in a couple of days. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't checked to see if mine has budged from Louisville KY 250 times already.
Could that be the HD parking feature kicking in? I am just a newbie, but I have replaced two HD in MBP already and read about that sometimes causing a freeze up when the computer is moved. Now back to the expert commentary already in progress...
Thanks. I have started using the Cloudon app for my docs and it works great. I can pull them up instantly on my laptop ( I use Word). So mainly I just want to make sure everything else goes. I have done this with a MacBook pro and it was a beautiful thing to watch as it made the new laptop be the old one exactly. So I figured it would be easy. Nothing in my PC world has ever been like that.
I got a 32 ipad 1, and quickly filled it with music, photos, and vids. I like to have some vids stored for travel and they eat up lots of space. Went 64g this time. That way, i dont have to think about it anymore.
Yep. Did the same. Even called my cc company to make sure I hadn't bought a couple of extra ones. The phone rep was able to tell me that if it didn't confirm, it didn't go through. I kept getting stuck at the very end. Cc number in and everything. A bit scary. Lol. If I get four on Friday, three will be on sale Saturday at a mere $1500.EACH.
Sorry if this has been answered, but i cant get search to work for some reason. I have bought a new ipad and have the original. How do I move everything to the new one so I can sell the old one?
After reading these comments, I am feeling much better about my new "precious". It has made it to Louisville, KY so I guess I am in the first group. BTW it did take the same path I have seen above from China to Hong Kong to Anchorage, AK to Louisville. It has been there since 12:15 am Saturday morning. The UPS site has issued a statement that it is holding shipment until the 16th, so I thought it had been stolen or something. Ordered mine at 5 pm after...
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