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9 minutes. Im holding the phone like rabbit ear antenna's now
 1 hour. Eff my life. 
 48 minutes
 Grrr, 29 minutes
The following is the "argument" broken down to their simple components so that even you can follow along:Saudi Arabia Man - No Trust Apple Maps.Me - Understand Saudi Arabi man's frustration with Apple Maps and why he doesn't trust/use them much any more in Saudi Arabia.You - Don't understand people can have different experience with Apple Maps.You - Seem to think that you can argue over "opinion" which is why you believe "logical contradictions" exist.
  Also, "never will"? Just shut up, Yes, you never will. I'll shut up when you stop arguing against every single opinion. And yet you still use it. See anything wrong there? What's wrong with you? I use it for the navigation, because there are elements of the navigation presentation that i like and I prefer. BUT I only use the nav after I have already verified the address. There is nothing wrong or hypocritical about that. I do not trust Apple Maps for location when I do...
 No, I decide to use something based on my trust of the item. The trust is earned via positive results. You still don't get any shade of gray and you never will. The world isnt binary, like a program. When people are using a map to guide them someplace that they are not sure where it is they are in fact TRUSTING the map and guidance to be correct. Data in Maps may not be subjective, but customer trust when using data can be subjective. When you are relying on a Map to get...
 A contract is non binding if you were drunk when you signed it. You have to prove it of course.
 Maps are about trust. If you look up a few places you already know, and they are wrong you are not going to trust it period. Right or wrong Apple lost some initial trust with this particular product. Maps "should just work" without your having to prove him to be wrong. And quite frankly, I like Apple Maps, but i dont trust it. I use both Apple and Google to verify an address. I then use Apple maps for the nav.
I have seen both maps make some crazy mistakes, yes. It isn't about needing to prove you wrong. He may have overgeneralized but that doesn't mean he is wrong either.   There are gradients of success and accuracy with maps and perhaps the couple of fragrant errors seemed to be so major that he deemed the maps untrustworthy. My own experience with Apple Maps has led to some pretty bad errors. One is a library that the pin is dropped into a forest a mile away.
New Posts  All Forums: