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The sickening part is because it is Apple that released this crapware, the sheeple will find any and every excuse for the terrible decision to release the buggy software and then charge users a ton for the new phone. Imagine the backlash if Google, Microsoft, Samsung, or Rim that released this bad app. There is NO excuse for this given the price premium of an iPhone 5. Steve jobs would have LOST IT if this was released, and that is why Apple has already changed, for the...
Same here. Corporations do not upgrade OS unless there is a tangible value attached to it. Consumers try to keep up with the Jones, IT departments with limited budgets are not interested in the latest fad, because they cannot afford to be,
I love how all these fanboys rejoice when an Apple competitor goes bankrupt. You won't be so happy when Apple has little to no competition and your precious new iPhone costs you $2000.
Did you design the iPhone? No, so why do you care? You are a truly sad fanboi. Sad.
Only a complete moron would cheer that all of Apple's competitors go bankrupt. You think Apple is ripping you off blind now, imagine the prices on their products with no competition. And if you are thinking that Apple is invulnerable, you only have to look at Blackberry. Who will be Apple's nemesis? Google? Samsung? Google + Samsung? Someone else? I think Apple's biggest problem is no more Steve Jobs. His absence will definitely be felt in the coming year. The products...
I agree with you but the biggest mistake Apple is making is thinking they can sue everyone for everything. Good luck with that. Apple alone is a cash-rich powerhouse but taking on so many heavyhitters will only bring them down. Apple copied many other companies and so they reap what they sow now.
You should do your homework. HP is doing just fine as a corporation and deals in far more than consumer toys as is the case with Apple.
The fact that Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen, or tried to, on Two and a Half Men and that they want to use him in this movie shows unequivocally and without a doubt that Hollywood is clueless and doomed.
Why is everyone surprised and shocked? This is what happens when you have $100 billion in cash in the bank. Payback!
Just because one thinks about doing everything does not mean they cannot and will not fail or that they are one of a kind. LOTS of people think outside of their skill set and fail miserably. Jobs made nice electronic toys that took the brain out of using them, which was his skill. He perfected what he stole from Xerox and others and then went ballistic when others copied him. He was a control freak, impossible to work with or for, and wanted to make billions for the...
New Posts  All Forums: