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I am proud to have nothing to do but continue to reply to this useless thread
HahaYou can bet your house on the fact my wallet is beautifulAnd I will bet my house and my pet cat that you iPhone case is horrid and would disgust Mr Ive and Jobs.
i do have the MRCS but it doesn't make you a surgeonYou need an FRCS and CCT
N=20 to be fair! I do have friendsUs medical people don't like additional hassle and that's what Apple Pay is. Keep it simple. Robust.I'm trainee - general and urology. Kings College London
Well - I'd like to think I keep my finger on the pulse of general opinion;-)
hmmmm well I'm not sureIn the UK we have had contactless payments for many years. Everyone in London uses it daily - on the underground, we use it in most shops and bars with our credit cards. You just tap to pay as long as the transaction is less than £30. No pin or signatures, it's great. If it's more than £30 then you need the pin. If basically everything is broken you sign, but that is very rare.So Apple Pay/Digital payments came along. No big deal, same rules apply....
LolI'm a surgical doctorMy phone auto correct knows bowels and not bowls
NoTry again?
Ok so I'm going to be very arrogant here! Brace yourselfI literally pity you for not having a wallet.I have a collection of 3 absolutely beautiful leather wallets, they are stunning, robust, sleek and practical. Admittedly I haven't seen your iPhone case. But I'm assuming it's a ugly overpriced piece of cloth/plastic wrapped around your beautiful iPhone. I think your case is offensive to Apple designers who worked on your phone for years.
LolFair point about the watch. But they are wonderful in a way a smart watch can never compete with.
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