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the iCloud Drive access in iOS shown in the demo - is that an 8.1 thing - or an app store download now?
Yikes!   I get 1 TERABYTE for FREE with MS Office 365   Even a free SkyDrive account comes with 15GB these days.   What a bunch of jokers Apple are. Lucky shareholders. 
what a dumb headline. iCloud is/was/and will be more expensive than Microsoft going forwards and OneDrive has far more features AND is cross platform. There is no comparison and certainly no 'following' - proper trolling headline.
this doesn't sound battery friendly; multiple pictures, more processing.   why is battery technology so crappy.   there's nobel prize out there somewhere.
if you need to go out of your way to call it 'elegant' - - - - we have a problem Houston!
  whilst i don't necessarily disagree with you, why should people under an arbitrary age be excluded from the social media society?   if a PERSON is old enough to physically use and has the desire to use these sites, should they not be encouraged to do so? and do so in a responsible mature way? under parental/school mentorship?
but you cant have this activated on both your iPhone and iPad it seems
  What are you talking about?   It's spelt donwtime.   Jeez... did nobody ever teach you how to spell donw... you know? the opposite of pu.
it's great to see a carrier suffer for their obnoxious behaviour and business practices
Also, in the UK when a phone is lost this is what most/all people do: 1/ Immediately inform network who will block sim to prevent unauthorised use 2/ Immediately inform insurance company of loss 3/ Instigate a remote wipe if possibile to protect data Does this feature mitigate the need for any of these steps?
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