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and what's this 'Activation Lock' all about?
why can't they just get over themselves and allow custom domains to properly compete with other services   i use my own domain to prevent this sort of email change annoyance and to be provider independent - but i suppose that is what Apple don't want   getting more evil !
good idea   i think Apple should firmly drive a message home that these 'desktop replacement' size machienes dont fall into line with modern day multi-device computing   these so called professionals moaning about this should head over to the world of Windows - plenty of options there - you guys are too old school for the modern Apple world
getting a bit tired waiting for news on the new Ivy Bridge mac books. actually quite tempted by the Samsung 9 series +/- ivy bridge
I think apple insider should pay the same level of attention to their spelling
Brilliant news.. Can't wait. I still think Mac needs to sort it's OS out to make itself a proper workhorse OS like Windows
Oh dear Sony... maybe you shouldn't have been so arrogant all those years Sony will hopefully push through here... love their Z series laptops and think they will make a good Ultrabook as long as they price it right and don't get greedy just checked their website, their laptop range consists of: C,E,F,S,Y and Z series.... too much?
Schmitz's seem fairly fair and balanced here
exactly what i was going to say. the fantastic thing about tech is that there are so many companies pumping it out don't be loyal to Apple... they certainly dont care about you. if they are not meeting your needs... go elsewhere immediately, its the best thing you can do to show your discontent. i think we should remember to things on OUR schedules. not intels, apples, samsungs, sonys or anyone else's
great.... BUT i want DATES, TIMES haha tell me more: 1. How long does it take for stock problems at indirect outlets to kick back to Apple??? 2. Will there be a press event for the update or just a quiet store update launch? 3. If so... when.. when.. when???
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