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Oh come on!! PleaseeeeeWallets and mechanical watches are traditional items that should be relished.No objection to developments and phones and Apple watches etc are greatBut neither mean we don't need our past
I never carry cash. I hate having cash especially coins which are annoyingly used a lot in the UK as I always loose them or just shove it in a bowel at home and it never gets used.Fingerprint is a problem with messy fingers, sugar, water, gloves etcDont quite know where to start with Apple Watch. Did I mention over engineering in my first post?You literally can't beat a 5cm piece of plastic for design genius, literally tap in and you pay from your bank in a second. Boom. I...
The type of card credit or debit is not an issue. Both my credit and debit cards are contactless. I happened to use my debit card at home as it comes with benefits if I do.In the UK we use chip and pin and have done for 5-10 years now, so use that for anything above £30.I heard the issue around this is that if you use a PIN for payment the bank will take no or much less responsibility for fraudulent transactions because they blame you for revealing you pin to someone.So...
It's weird that this is news In the UK pretty much any shop that takes card playments supports contactless payments (incl Apple Pay) I personally don't use it because in my opinion using a phone for payments is over engineering a very simply process I just use contactless payment with my debit card - no batteries - no Fingerprint messing around. Much faster and more reliable than Apple Pay Fingerprint Security isn't really needed either with payments limited to £30
'Unable to check for update'
Have Apple said they are going to start Annual updates? Thought they were on a 2-3 year cycle.
My point is I don't think phone games should be on TV boxes. They are just money making scam games with payable coins etc anyway.That's what XBox and PS are for.
The trick is locking you in to Amazon services, advertising and shopping, that's where the money is.
Just ordered the Fire TV. Much better value than the Apple TV I think. It's a shame I can't stream from my iPhone or Mac. But small price to pay for a proper 4K box with Netflix etc. And why are they forcing silly gaming options on us! In terms of tablets - it's still the case that it's the iPad and then everything else. No interest in these at all.
Hope this prompts Apple to reduce their ridiculously priced storage. I laugh in the face of their 5GB free. Hahaha
New Posts  All Forums: