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Shuffle dial - Steve will sell it. How about address book?
Fake, sure. But could make sense somehow: http://www.mackompass.de/ipod/
Hey, it looks almost identical to the one I put up today at MacKompass today.
For those interested in Tiger DVD Player app here are some screenshots
My friend who works in Phillip W. Schillers house as a cleaner just posted this pic on my .Mac account. Obviously he tries to hide the new iMac G5 beneath his wash basin. (Maybe I should have published the mockups on mackompass.de this way )
Mostly Cinema4D
Just droped in here, wondering now why are you all staring at this plasma display in an old Apple box \
Just in case someone gets bored, here is another mackompass iMac G5.
One more iMac G5 AIO mock-up. This one looks more like a boiled down 1st gen iMac.
New Posts  All Forums: