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I tried to make a chimera icon 2 days ago for myself (though I sent it to Mr Hyatt too). This is an eyeball hanging in a 'C' like a globe, trying to combine 'chimera' (in terms of illusion??) and browsing the internet in one icon. However, if you like it you may download it here.
If there really is a G5 soon to be released, they'd HAVE to stop any leaks on 10.2 builds, because hints on that would be found all over the OS. I personally don't think we'll see a G5 in july, but we won't see any leaked OS X builds month before G5 release for sure.
[quote]Originally posted by kcmac: Scrolling is definitely better on my iBook 500 combo. Omniweb is noticeable as are long MS word documents v.X.
First thought the same on my PB 400, until I realized that my display settings were sat back to 32k colors after installation - so nothing special about this update (in that case at least)
[quote]Originally posted by jimmac: I've used Norton since OS X was released and have had no problems because of it. By the way I did have the military clock problem ( but, not after using Norton. It was after updating to 10.1.2 ). You can fix this by opening the System Preferences, clicking on International, and the time tab. I know it's a dumb place to put this but, you can make changes there.
That isn't a dump place at all, in...
[quote]Originally posted by rocky racoon: english is not german "er weiss nicht nichts" != "he doesn't know nothing"
I already suspected I might have missed something 15 years ago, when truancy has been kind of my No1 hobby. (just begging for more lessons with this ugly sentence)
[quote]Originally posted by Nonsuch: That boy don't know nothin'.
so he knows everything?
Can't beleave the song playing now is actually not from the 70s.
hm, quite late on delivering the stream this year.
[quote]Originally posted by David R: And I guess that also means no iGadget or G5s or they would probably also have them highlighted in the other squares at the bottom.
sadly so true
It would be holy stupid to think that nothing gets leaked if you did such an interview. To many people involved, lithographers, printers, distributers and much more ...steve should be happy that this got leaked so late.
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