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It already is ... specifically military trainers for one. Who do you think paid to develop this technology in the first place?
Major filmmakers and studios are reportedly getting heavily involved in VR. This is likely the entertainment of the future.
The supplier reported earnings data just like Apple does every quarter. They did their duty to their stockholders as a publicly traded company. When they miss their projections they have to justify why it happened, there's no "leaking" of information here.
Or Oompa Loompas.
That's an excellent point. Apple sells the iPhone everywhere. The Apple Car could only be sold in well developed urban centers, which leaves out a lot of customers and reduces Apple's market considerably.
Funny thing age. For me, I have the exact opposite problem, I need to bring the iPhone as close to my eyes as possible, so a bigger screen is absolutely of no use to me in that respect. I intentionally bought the 5S when the 6 came out, since aside from Pay, there's nothing about the 6 I need, especially the screen size. I am still entertaining whether or not to buy an Watch at this juncture which would give me Pay. But I mainly bought it for the size. I don't want to...
Actually it is a design problem. There is simply not enough room on the rMB to include more than two ports. Apple chose to include an single-function, 1/8" mini-phone jack instead of a second USB-C port. The 1/8" mini-phone jack is actually larger in diameter than the USB-C port is tall, meaning Apple will have to lose it to go much thinner on the rMB. Having only one port is fine for a mobile device, but for a device like a laptop, having two ports that do the exact same...
You're assuming that Apple will not in any way ever seek to make their devices thinner.
Yes you are absolutely right. This is likely what's going to happen. Apple probably engineered the 5S and 5C for this exact scenario. Very little work to do here. And it gives their 5C design another year of life, which otherwise would make the 5C the shortest lived design since the original iPhone.  My guess is that they will actually do to the 5S what they did to the iPod Touch and update the internals next year to essentially boost it up to the iPhone 6 with a 5" screen...
I have never used a case with an iPhone, never treated on with kid gloves, and I have never scratched a rear facing camera lens. 
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