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 It's actually worse than that, because there is something called droit d'auteur in France, which is becoming increasingly acknowledged worldwide. So basically when that copyright eventually expires on Nintendo's games, the copyright protection may continue for up to another 75 years after the death of the last surviving "auteur", which in the case of collaborative media like software, would be the developers. So even if they fall into the PD in the US, they would likely...
I would tend to agree. Do you have any idea how many TVs Apple would have to sell to pay for just one of those huge building-sized advertisements? Not to mention the leasing costs of the space. If Apple wrote the entire cost of that ad campaign off to the TV alone it'd likely be in the red pretty quickly.
Your concern trolling is touching.
Uh, nope. The Edition already comes with a very nice charging dock/box that already does this beautifully. This was clearly designed for everybody else in generic Apple white.
You're taking my statement a little out of context, but fair enough. Apple tends to design products for the average consumer. However, since the Pencil is only available for the "Pro" iPad, one could theoretically say that means the Pencil is designed for "Pros". And in that light, you are absolutely correct, it would be counter-intuitive for a graphics professional used to using Wacom tablet to then use an eraser on the end of the Pencil. Personally, when I'm using a...
 And what is this? Why does Apple even offer an analogue watch face? Much less one with skeuomorphic features? What is the purpose of the "tail" depicted on the second hand for instance?  Skeuomorphism has it's place. People intuitively know what to do with a product that mimics what it looks like. For someone who's never used a digital drawing device like the Pencil, they would instinctively know that turning it over might erase.  But I agree with you too. I don't find an...
I doubt it will be compatible with the iPhone. Maybe the Plus model. But somehow I doubt it. The iPad mini, possibly, the iPad Air definitely. There's additional technology Apple has to build into the hardware to enable it. That seems to unnecessarily drive up the cost of the phone which is meant to be portable, and thus you wouldn't be carrying around a pencil anyway, and would depart from Apple's current mantra that it is not a stylus, but a drawing tool. Perhaps Apple...
 That only works if the Lightning connector will allow a charge to be drawn from the Pencil's battery. And so far everything indicates it won't, as noted by the dot on the charging adapter that is supposed to show correct orientation to permit charging of the Pencil.  https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT205236 
So I guess you know what's best for Apple then? So this complaint must be out of Concern for Apple's image and well being. What a good little CT you are.
Not unless that Lightning connector does more than charge ... something I'd really like to know.  I suppose it could connect via Bluetooth, but then it wouldn't likely be contained in such a small cap, not to mention the power requirements.
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