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And there's more than that ... my Mercedes fob has a chip in it that tells the ignition the key is authorized to start the engine, otherwise the computer kills the engine. How will the Watch emulate that custom chip? It seems clear to me that Tim Cook is talking about the future ... keyless entry systems that have BlueTooth interface, the kind that tech pundits and security experts are wide open to be hacked allowing someone to remotely take over a car. The NSA, CIA and...
And what makes you think that the car manufacturers are going to give up this lucrative aftermarket option and give it it away to Apple for free? And how would that work? Each manufacturer gives their proprietary security codes and programming to Apple to offer for download from iTunes, by putting in your VIN? As it stands the dealers won't sell you a new key fob without you going into the dealer and proving you own the vehicle. How will that be handled by Apple?  Or will...
LOL. This is WHY people will BUY an Car, making Apple the only car company in the world to make 40%+ profit margins on their cars. "Hey, Honey, since we already have an Watch, why don't we go ahead and buy an Car"?/s
Yes. Apple is also positioning the Watch as something you can just run out and use without the need to take your iPhone with you. So what happens if you grab your driver's license, pop out to the car with just your Watch to drive to the market and pick up some milk on a Sunday morning, only to realize you forgot to chard the watch the night before. There you are, unable to pay for the milk, or unlock your car. No backups in sight. 
LOL, yeah I can see all the car companies agreeing on something like this. That's why they're all happily implementing CarPlay. /s But you hit the nail on the head. The cost to replace and reprogram my 1998 Mercedes key fob is around $500. Why would Mercedes just give that profit center away to Apple for free?
You tell me. Did the original iPhone run Apps, and why?
I make no pretentious about my expertise in the fashion world. I know what I like and what I dont. I also know Vogue promotes the cutting edge of style and fashion which often change radically from season to season. Their well paid advertisement praising the watch today, may not survive even into the Fall. Apples usual trend of creating a product that remains unchanged in the marketplace for two or three years without changing its design cues is not going to fly in the...
It's actually brilliant marketing. Imagine if it came out that Apple actually wanted to get into the watch market and decided to create a watch replacement in the iPhone, then offer their own watch after the customers they convinced didn't need a watch just to tell time stop wearing traditional ones.The truth is Apple is not nearly so prescient. Their stumble with Apps demonstrates they often don't have a grasp on how their technology can be used. More likely their...
First edition iPhones are already high-priced collectors items. that's what happens with limited supplies of first edition products. Even the TAM and Steve Job's beloved Cube fetch top dollar on the collectors market. Both of which were commercial failures. And it hasn't been anything like a generation for those produc.
I really dig the high waisted pants on the model too. If this is any indication of the sucess of the Watch, we have those pants to look forward to as well. Love basing a companies' economic future on the whims of fashion. Watch, Siri, high-waisted pants ... We're one step closer to the film HER becoming our reality.
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