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Oh good lord. Would anyone ever buy a nice watch this way? Talk about your early adopters. I guess you're the kind of Apple fan Apple expects to ensure a successful launch.
Welcome to the world of fashion Apple ... seriously.
They don't use molds for iPads as I understand it. It's all machined metal.
It's not going to hurt Intel. It's going to hurt Microsoft. Anybody who would buy an Android tablet most likely isn't interested in professional workplace compatibility. They just won't buy office. Spreadsheets, word processing and media presentations are not their main goal.
Ridiculous. Virtually every part Apple would need for a 4" iPhone 6C is already being manufactured for either the 5C, 5S, or 6 & 6 Plus -- assuming they mirror the 6 series design. Why on Earth would Apple be ordering brand new parts now for a phone that won't go into production until mid-2015? I realize the parts have to be manufactured, but what exactly is there they would need that isn't already being manufactured? A slightly re-configured logic board? A smaller...
I think it is a mistake to initially limit the Watch to the iPhone. Obviously the iPad and iPod Touch both support the same iOS as the phone, so why not maximize the debatable early adoption rate by making it available to everyone with an Apple device, regardless if it's an iPhone or not? The iPad in particular, as most people who own a tablet, regardless if they use a Windows PC, or Android-based smartphone, will most likely own an iPad. This is especially true for...
But that's not Apple's model. Unlike the non-Apple devices on that chart, iPhones cannot simply plug in a 32 Gig card and expand the storage on the phone when it gets full. And that's what I think is at the heart of this lawsuit. You hit the nail on the head when you said the over-the-air updates are thwarted because people using 8GB or 16GB phones often keep them brimming with data. I recently upgraded to a 64GB iPhone and can finally breath a sigh of relief after only...
That's a great chart. If I had to guess, the issue with the iPhone, unlike all those other manufacturers is that you can't upgrade the storage capacity. So unlike the others, once you select the 16GB iphone, you're stuck with it. If the same thing happened with a Samsung, the store would just sell you a ram card. Apple sells you a virtual RAM card with a recurring fee rather than a one-time purchase.
Except WiFi uses a lot more power than Bluetooth. Not sure why they would need that kind of higher speed connection to send over the minimal data the watch would need. People aren't going to be watching movies on their watches. It's mainly notifications, mp3s, and biometrics data. Right?
Yeah, I'm not convinced that "wearables" will go mainstream when the Apple Watch is released. But it will certainly bring mainstream awareness to the concept as it has not been in that past. Will people start wearing them? I'm not convinced.   But I do believe "phablets" will continue to be a growing market segment, if only on the low end of the market spectrum where people can't afford both a tablet and a phone and make the compromise for less money than both, while...
New Posts  All Forums: