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But how do you equate this with the success of the 5c. If they had simply followed historical patterns and offered the last years 5, might it have done just as well? I think it would have based on how well the 4 did to the 4S. I believe the iPhone overall has consistently done better than the previous year, as I said above. So I still don't see the 5c being justified.
Ugh. Apples products in general have managed to avoid looking dated. They have classic lines and features. Even the original Mac OS holds up pretty well by today's standards. But this iOS 7 is Jony taking his fashionable ideas a bit too far. All these garish dayglow colors are going to look so dated well before next year. IOS 7 is going to seem like clothing from the 1970s.
That is a short sighted analysis.This isn't the 4S compare to the 5.The 5c is a brand new model, completely redesigned and engineered, with a brand new massive marketing campaign that 4s never had, nor the 4 before it, et al. The 5c is being sold on its own merits that the 4s wasn't -- the 4s was merely last years discounted model ... The 5c is a multi-colored party in your pants!So this is the real story -- the 4s sold something like 24% of total iPhone sales during...
This more than anything is telling to me.Apple runs the tightest supply chain on the planet. They wrote the book on keeping warehouse shelves bare. This seems like a first to me with respect to Apple having inventory sitting around.
Who needs an expensive tablet AND a phone?I don't know why people object to the larger phones. If I carried a purse everywhere I went, I would want the biggest phone practical I could get. Heck I might even carry around an iPad mini if I could access phone functionality, because then I could carry around a Bluetooth headset in my purse as well to use with it. I mean, the Galaxy note, et al, are not so big as to be unwieldy holding it up to the side of ones head. Is...
Let me guess, to lower the price, Apple will replace the aluminum case of the iMac with 5 colored plastic options with last years internals ...
And what iWork is going to replace Office in the near future!? I would love to see any legitimate validation of that theory by a respected third party source.If Apple is giving away their software, I'm not sure how they expect to fund the development of world class business software to crush Office in the foreseeable future.
Will exist in a year, two years, 5 years? MS is not known for their reliable release dates. Either way, I seriously doubt when MS gets around to offering Office for iOS, that they will be dangling by their fingertips. Even if the iOS community embraces the iWork suite, which offers MS compatibility, as soon as a native option exists, it's hard to imagine the corporate users won't immediately jump ship to it. Word, Excel, and Outlook are THE business standard. Unless MS...
Um ... Cosmetically, they are the exact same phone, at least the silver one. Are you saying she hates the metal ring around the home button? Hates the gold, silver and the new space gray, and prefers the old black on black model? Otherwise this comment makes no sense.
Why is apple even offering all of their iOS apps for free at all? They have no competition in this area. Where is the incentive to build and improve these apps for their own platform if they give them away? Are sales of iOS devices so dire they have to bundle apps now? I don't see Apple bundling the same applications on the Mac to drive Mac sales which are respectively in the toilet (along with all other PC sales). So what's this about?
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