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Apple is not really supporting the professional user base anymore. They just spent a fortune basically in marketing, which is the greatest value Apple gets from supporting pros. They are a consumer company now. So why on earth would they sink more money in R&D building a display that only a fraction of their loss-leading pro user base is going to buy anyway? When all of their products support 4K then Apple will deliver a branded 4K display.
Whether that was the intent of his comment or not, the "Retina" display already has more pixels than the eye can individually detect. To cram 4K density into a 13" screen does not make any sense in a consumer device, or even a pro device. The whole movement toward 4K, aside from a way to continue to expand the home entertainment business, is driven primarily by the massive flat screen sizes that are becoming common place in average Americans living rooms thanks to...
So it looks like the lack of certain camera resolutions is ENTIRELY the fault of the GOPRO software. IOS 6 & 7 will live preview 960p/30 as well as import and play it. ONLY the GoPro software camera preview mode prevents the 960p/30 format from loading and playing. Clearly there lacks a lot of things to be desired. perhaps GoPro will quickly fix this problem for the most popular resolution people buy ese cameras for in the first place.
Or gopro. Looks like it supports all but the most popular size for sports 960p: http://gopro.com/support/articles/resolutions-supported-by-app-preview-ios-and-android-os At least it doesn't support it on my iPad 3 and iOS 6. The fact GoPro says its supported suggests iOS should support it, perhaps iOS 7, or iPhone 5s and new iPads. And I did check Apple Support for this, but simply searching for 960p produced no results with respect to iOS, iPad nor...
Anybody know what the maximum setting iOS will support for video preview from the gopro? Just encountered this problem with my gopro 3, which has a slower transfer rate (which I thought was responsible for not being able to play my videos). That I for would be helpful in an article like this, rather than just "some video may not be supported".
Yup. There are some notable regular posters on this forum who are embarrassingly biased in their views. It's unbelievable how passionately people debated the quality and rationale behind the original mini's display, specifically in support of every decision Apple made, and how unnecessary the Retina display was because of the compacted size and resulting pixel density, making it superior to the iPad 2.Turns out they were wrong and everyone else that got beaten into...
It would be if you were a travel agent preparing a budget for your client.The bigger question I have is, why are they advertising it as "not just a laptop" when it looks just like a laptop, and shows none of the reasons it's not. Shouldn't the ad read, "it's not just a tablet"?
RIDICULOUS NAME. The iPad Ar weighs 1.00 pound. The iPad 2 weighs 1.33 pounds. Wow. The latest model practically floats off the table. Seriously why didn't they just keep the name iPad? This is as bad as the iPhone 5c, which is just an iPhone 5 in a plastic case. Why change the name? Ridiculous.
I've been saying this ever since they introduced the 5. I like my 3.5" 4 screen. 3" would be even better, or at least a shorter form factor (put the home button the back, and embed the earpiece in the screen for instance).   And there's no reason whatsoever not to sell a larger phone if there's a market for it.  Where are the studies that show people don't want smaller or larger phones? Not that Apple listens to them anyway, then again, they just felt like now was the time...
I'm not following the re-gifting option. So a user can accept the book, then sell it to someone else after they read it, either as a gift, or a purchase? Obviously they would have to pay for it as a gift, and would it be the full price? Surely they would receive a piece of the pie, if they give or sell it to some else in the form of a discount? Otherwise they're just paying for the book twice. Why give it up at all? Just gift a separate copy to their friend.
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