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I often wonder if some of the most expensive and sought after items in the world are also some of the least attractive to me, because the rich are just trying to stick it to me by making the statement that they have so much money they can afford to buy even ugly stuff I could never afford.What Apple offers is homogeny. Everybody will have the same black glass square on their wrist, regardless of whatever band is attached. The watch itself makes the statement among...
Exactly a transparent LCD overlap, that gives you a stylish and beautifully made watch face when you're not using it, that at least tells you the time at a glance without any special arm gyrations, or yelling "Hey Siri".
That's not really a fair comparison ... you have to compare face to face:  
Clever ... But this type of watch would not compete head to head with ALL of the features of the Watch. It would likely incorporate fitness sensors, and other basic aspects, like unlocking doors, payment systems, etc. to interface with your smartphone and not necessarily be about notifications. Surprising as it may seem, not everyone is interested in that kind of constant connection on their wrist -- it's nice to be able to put the phone away sometimes. However, the Swiss...
Well assuming this is true, why does using Android software preclude TH from creating a custom app for the iPhone?
Well I think we're done here, because that's been my entire point.
And there are no apps, nor potential apps for the iPhone that work with Android devices?
Why? Who says everyone needs all the functionality an Watch provides? What if style is more important than function to someone, unwilling to otherwise compromise? Apple had no previous experience in smart watch design either. Obviously this isn't a given conclusion by any means.
I wouldn't be too sure about this, which is what I alluded to in my earlier response to you ... The iPhone is not meant to be exposed to water at all, and thus the water indicator works. But the watch has a minimum water rating for submersion, whereas Apple explicitly says NOT to submerge it at all. So it's contradictory at best. Is it because Apple is trying to hedge their bets as the watch just barely meets that rating? Or is it because they are trying to embassies this...
Your stating the obvious has nothing to do with it. And again -- Siri is NOT critical to the success of the Watch. The elimination of which does not make it any less an Apple watch than a previous generation iPhone is without Siri. Many people don't use Siri now.
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