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Yes, it is quite impressive. I was genuinely surprised which is harder to do these days with all these leaks. The fact that Samsung did not immediately announce a 64-bit chip says to me they exercised amazing restraint, or really are managing to keep their divisions at arms length. That must be painful to do.
Yes. Surely this is on tap for the premium iPad?Will they continue the iPad 2? Perhaps in a colored plastic case without the touch sensor? LOLThe mini really must get the touch sensor as well, if not the retina screen. That will at least drive new sales.
I'm surprised we haven't seen an article about it here yet. Every major news outl and tech blog has picked up this story. It's going to be the next antenna gate. People are already threatening class action lawsuits if Apple doesn't get on this "problem".
It's all good, the stock price will drop soon, thanks to iOS 7 giving users Vertigo and motion sockness. So Tim Cook can buy up all the stock he wants. LOL http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/26/ios-7-design-motion-sickness_n_3995898.html
Good point.Considering the current lineup, the 5s is more like the MacBook Pro, the 5c like the MacBook, and the 4s being the somewhat confusing remainder. Though granted appending a number and a letter to the name does not follow convention, either. More likely iPhone Pro, iPhone, and in the case of the 4s, iPhone mini (though that would require some confusing rebranding). I think they missed a perfect opportunity with the 5c to rebrand the line. HahaBut you raise an...
Too bad Apple didnt figure this out with the MacBooks. It would be a whole lot easier to say MacBookC than Mid-2012 13" Core i7 MacBook, especially if that was also printed on the product as is the 5c.You see why I say this deviates from Apples standard naming protocol.The iPod Touch doesn't do this, either. It's not the iPod Touch C, it's the iPod 5th Generation 2013 16GB model (which has similar internal (and external) changes to Touch.So it's inconsistent and will...
"C" is for cheap. It was a bad choice, in my opinion. They should have just left it iPhone 5, and marketed it as the same great iPhone with a stylish new look. Plus it deviates from Apple's standard product naming convention.I still can't figure out the road map for it and how the plastic case is going to save them that much money in the long run, considering the retooling and redesign setup costs.So the iPhone 5c moves down to the "free" model when the iPhone 6 comes out....
Oh holy crap!!With that line up they might as well add Performa, Quadra, and LC to the names ... Or change their name to Apple-sung.
Why is it called the 5c? Isn't it exactly the 5, with minor improvemets, but in a plastic case? It's priced as the 5 would be priced. It wouldn't be the first time Apple completely redesigned a case and retained the same product name, even confusingly so -- witness anyone trying to figure out which MacBook they own for support. The iPhone 5 isn't being sold anywhere else is it? I just don't get it. It's counter to Apple's usual simplicity of product labeling, and...
Nothing says class and elegance like gold colored plastic.
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