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How about apple give something back to the users who opt in to help Apple profit, rather than take the Google approach approach of exploiting their users data for free.
Well 4" isn't exactly ultimate portability. I prefer the 3.5" myself, and even that's not ultimate. I'd like to see maybe a 3" form factor, especially if they are going to force the 4" aspect ratio on me ...There's absolutely no reason not to have a 5"+ phone if there's a market for it. Just put the same guts in a new case with a larger battery and screen and it's the ultimate power management phone. The premium Apple can charge more than makes up for the new case design....
Traffic is also abysmal on the iPhone. I still use Google for the most reliable and visually helpful traffic information.
Good point. It's one thing to still incorporate it in relatively small sellers like Apple TV, Airports and the like, but this phone will sell tens of millions, and will be obsolete in a year, destined for landfills across the world.
I'd like a smaller high end iPhone. I simply detest phones are getting bigger rather than smaller, which seems to me counter to the whole point of a mobile device -- the smallest usable size possible. I miss my Motorola Razr sometimes.
That may well be true depending on how these are priced.There could be a huge influx of brand new customers to the platform unwilling to spend more on the 5 or 4S (surely this replaces the 4, which is set to expire on the intro of the next flagship model anyway, no?).With most current iPhone users locked into a contract for another year or two, Apple is safe to postpone a 5S introduction for months, and still make heaps of cash with this, without suffering too much...
Who is this really?
If Apple truly wants to show people they innovate, they'll drop the stupid "i" monikers. ENOUGH already with the iCrap names! It dates back to 1998 for cryin out loud. How about something fresh and smart for a change. "iWatch" Can't wait. I can see it now ... iWatch TV iWatch football iWatch hotel guests through a peephole in the wall ... Brilliant
I thought the Slide To Unlock bar was a fail safe of sorts. In other words, you had to put your finger on that tab to unlock the phone, and prevent accidental activation. Such as, putting the phone in a pocket, and accidentally pressing the power button, or home button, activating the screen. Now that the entire screen is one big slide to unlock button, it strikes me that accidental activations are much more likely than they are currently. And once the screen is active...
I think it's telling that the so-called "emergency" system is for the 4S & 5 only, and not for the 4 which they continue to sell under a two year contract, and for which will almost certainly get an update to iOS 7 making it a current phone for at least another model year. Guess if you want to be 'safe' you'll have to upgrade HA!
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