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That's not how Apple does anything. Look at Pixar, Steve Jobs invested in it because he loved what they were doing. He supported a startup financially and stayed out of their artistic business to great success. Apple would be a refreshing change to the current studio system if they follow their same philosophy ... Rather than constantly seeking the next hit, they just create good and useful products. That's the same model that could reform the film business, and I'm...
Wow. That is shockingly low. I am really surprised that there are not more upgrades to the 6 at this point. I would have expected at least 40% ... what was the iPhone 5 percentage at the same time?
I have to agree the Maxfield thing is a black mark on Apple. From they way they treat the Apple customers lined up outside the store with disdain, and obviously catering to scalpers, to the fact four days after the 24th, they have inventory to continue selling watches to people who walk in off the street without a pre-order. When you take this into consideration with the the rest of it, the picture is not especially attractive.
Isn't this also true of the sapphire covers on the iPhone cameras? If light reflection were truly a problem here, wouldn't that be a huge problem for a camera? Does the software compensate for this effect then?
Apple's Official Guidelines
I know Apple wants everybody to use Pay, but they really should have some minimal standards of whom they allow to participate. You can be sure that no customers paid for their Edition Watch with a Discover card. ;-)
People are still buying Watches at Maxfield on Sunday. One guy arrived at 9AM and walked out with a Sport at 2PM. So they either have a ton of watches to manage 3 days straight of steady sales, or demand is not that high at the only store in North America that you can walk into and buy one. And LA has over 10 million people...
Looks like it failed the drop test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fwqANb9Acg   The Stainless Steel Sapphire Crystal survives the same test just fine:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkQ-1WgWN1s&feature=youtu.be   Reports of Ceramic backs scratching too.   So that settles that ... Sapphire is much better crystal, less likely to scratch and break. Definitely worth the extra money. 
Sounds like Maxfields is a total fiasco. They stopped selling it yesterday an hour before they closed, turning away customers who had been in line since 9AM. But they still have inventory today and are selling again to customers lined up around the block. There are reports of "mobster" types cutting line and being allowed multiple re-entry to purchase additional watches, because they are familiar with the sales staff. These same guys are scalping right on the sidewalk...
I'm not sure that's as secure as you think ... looking at the video, when he lifted the plastic lid straight off the bottom, he found the watch askew, out of the groove ... unless the top groove is significantly deeper and has a tighter grip on the watch so that it pulled up and out of the bottom groove, before dropping back down where it was revealed.
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