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Can't wait to try it AFTER they release OS X 10.10.1 and fix the bugs.
The 5C broke the rules, by introducing a brand new model where the 5 should have dropped to the middle, while the 4S did what normally happens and drops to the bottom. Since they dropped the 5C to the bottom, and the 5S took the middle unchanged, there was no reason to call it the 5SC. I don't believe Apple will phase out a brand new design after only two years on the market, so at a minimum, I'm saying they will drop the 5S into the plastic case next year and possibly...
Well, I don't see Apple initially offering a TB Display in a size different that the largest iMac. That said, why do we assume the new iMac will match the existing 27" size? Perhaps Apple is planning to up the screen size to 30-32"? Then considering Apple is all about offering multiple size offerings in its devices, I can see them adding a larger screen size to at least the TB display next year.
Why is 30" better?27" is also the current size of the Thunderbolt Display. Obviously the iMac and Thunderbolt Display share a lot in common. Both are likely to get this upgrade, whether 27" or 30".
Yes, because despite just saving $100, it suggests that many people may actually PREFER the smaller form factor, giving continued hope that a 6 mini will come out next year to replace it, when it gets bumped down to the 5SC. The 5C format having started at the $100 price point, means that phone only gets 3 years of life/support following its release, rather than the usual 4 years. My feeling is that Apple planned for that when re-designing the 5C which supports both...
I also hear "HAIRGATE" is the now a problem with the iPhone 6 tearing out women's hair.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11143856/Apple-iPhone-6-is-tearing-out-my-hair-How-tech-isnt-designed-for-women.html
I would expect no less than the 6 Plus camera technology, and isn't it about time to add a flash, considering how many customers use the iPad?
I really hope they do release Yosemite on that day. The Golden Master has shipped. If no major problems, then it should be good to go.
Apple really should not have released 10.10. They should have used this opportunity to create a new brand for their Mac OS, not necessarily 11, but a complete departure from the old way of doing things.
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