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Seems like they may be focusing on e streaming radio service. Yawn.
Nope I'm pretty sure that's Apple's answer to the Galaxy Mega series phones: the iPhone XL
It's true. Apple would be foolish not to upgrade to lighting before they discontinue it, given that people who love the classic, really swear by them. If they learned the Classic were being discontinued, the switch to lightning, might actually encourage them all to upgrade to get the new lighting connector.Is there any chance the disk capacity could be increased one more time before they discontinue it? That would also encourage new sales ...
Skype is also good for voice calls. For kids whose parents haven't invested in a cell phone family plan for their kids, Skype would be easy to set up for instant wifi calls and texts to other cellular capable phones.Which makes me wonder if this Touch is intended to entirely replace the Touch line? As more and more people can afford and need cell phones, and Skype provides a good phone alternative to a carrier plan, then the Touch becomes directly competitive to the...
I would be curious to see the breakdown of sales per year ... When the iPhone first came out when smartphones were expensive, before cellphones were ubiquitous, and had started replacing land lines, and becoming mandatory for school kids for "safety", with half the potential customers still under 2 year contracts, I would presume the Touch was a much higher seller than it is today, now that an iPhone does everything the Touch does, but better, and consolidates the phone...
Does that WWDC logo remind anybody else of Metro? Those colors are so garish! I really hope that doesn't represent the new color scheme implemented by Apple ....
So iMessage has tough encryption, and the open itself has tough encryption. How safe is FaceTime though? Is it as equally tough to crack and view a FaceTime stream?
Well it's not a ridiculous idea. Apple does have to keep making things more compelling than the competition, if not totally radical.Either way, unless Apple radically changes their business strategy this year, the "5S" is not likely going to blow anybody's sock off. More likely the new low-cost universal iPhone will be the thing that blows everybody's mind this generation.
Apple has a way of giving the customer only what it thinks they need. And 10" tablets don't need a flash because customers shouldn't be using it to take pictures. Right? And nobody has ever FaceTimed in low-light or at night.Hopefully, the 7" mini makes more sense in general for photographs, so Apple might update it with a flash first, and then finally add it to the big iPad.
Can't tell, I see symmetrical features on the bottom, could those be stereo speakers? Also, unless the case manufacturer is just guessing, there does not appear to be a flash for the rear facing camera added this time around.
New Posts  All Forums: