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 The photos app is there for one big reason  -- Jony Ive enjoyed looking at photos on his watch. This ultimately led to the decision that gave us a completely unnecessary, extremely large frame bezel compromising the available screen space.  That said, this is exactly why the gen 2 model will likely have a FaceTime camera, for taking the pictures on the watch itself. The whole point of the watch is convenience, and what could be more convenient than answering a FaceTime...
And this is where the FaceTime camera comes into play -- taking a photo when your phone is not around. Later it transfers to the phone. Now that we know the watch is more reasonably water resistant than previously thought, this would be great at the pool or the beach where you don't have to worry about getting your phone wet.
 Well a driver would be required to take over in bad weather, like a pilot who takes off and lands, but spends the majority of the time in the air on autopilot, reading the newspaper. But my point remains, I had no idea the technology had reached this level that it has become a serious issue for the unions. Obviously the auto industry is quite profitable, otherwise they would have all gotten out of it a long time ago. But there's a lot of car companies competing for the...
 Up to 75MB with down sampled resolution. Curious if sending a photo via text sends the full resolution photo stored on the iPhone, or theresized smaller photo from the watch. It is interesting to hear that considering the size of the watch display that the Apple team felt this way about photos on the watch: 
I think they could do a great job with this, no doubt. I would expect them to enter into a self-driving market though a few years down the line -- a car that does everything for you, and is more like a mobile living room than a car. I don't see them making a sports or muscle car, but en energy efficient smart car for the daily commute. Not even a steering wheel. Maybe like those cars in Minority Report. I wouldn't have thought this were possible so soon in the near future...
I was thinking something along the lines of this: 
If Apple designs their own car, it will have custom designed Tires only.
Except that's NOT what Apple states -- they speak specifically of AMBIENT temperatures.
 I agree. It's a foothold into the wearable market, for which anything is possible in a very few years. But the watchmakers have as much ability to acquire the engineering expertise to incorporate smartwatch features into their watches as Apple had acquiring their fashion personnel to design and market the watch. They won't all be successful, but they don't have to be to survive.
Not everyone needs the full functionality of the Watch, nor will they all want to wear the same thing as everybody else on their wrists to get it.   The Watch will definitely take sales away from the traditional watch makers ... but the things it can do, that wearables will provide, like POS terminals, car and door locks, etc., will be easily implemented into watches, thus mitigating the damage Apple will do to the industry. Some will hire top software engineers and...
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