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Cases for the 5c defeat the whole point of 5 different colored phones to choose from. Which is why the multi-colored backs just seem like a really pointless marketing gimmick. I can't wait to see reports about which colors are the weakest sellers. How many people are going to see the 5c and try to buy the green one, only to find it's sold out. Will they then walk away and go somewhere else, buy their second favorite color, or buy something else, perhaps an Android in the...
Are there any carriers who offer the iPhone WITHOUT a data plan?
Does anybody know ... Is there a 5c you can buy off contract from any carrier that does NOT require a data plan? I want to buy a 5c for my mother but only to use as a phone and camera, with Siri (for making calls), and to sync with her Mac. I know AT&T requires a data plan, but that is an unnecessary expense.
I don't follow you. All of this happened AFTER the LASUSD rolled out iPads running iOS 6. Apple PREVENTS disabling iOS software updates.  iOS 7 broke the previously tested setup under iOS 6. How is this the IT department's fault then?  This is a big deal for Apple because LAUSD is a high profile BILLION dollar rollout of Apple's flagship product for educational use. The success or failure will impact the implementation by other school districts around the country, and the...
I've yet to find a compelling reason to upgrade iOS 7, especially as the bug reports keep rolling out. The software is two weeks old and we're already up to three bug fix updates? I'm curious why software updates weren't disabled in the iPads. Any updates to such devices should be controlled, I would think. Arrange to do them over the Summer, when presumably the kids don't get to keep them. Why do kids in school need the latest cutting edge updates? My textbooks in the...
And if they add gold to match the 5s lineup, what about the colored plastic version to mirror the 5c lineup? Maybe drop the iPad 2, upgrade it to a retina display with a plastic back to keep its margins as the iPad 2c.
Yes, it is quite impressive. I was genuinely surprised which is harder to do these days with all these leaks. The fact that Samsung did not immediately announce a 64-bit chip says to me they exercised amazing restraint, or really are managing to keep their divisions at arms length. That must be painful to do.
Yes. Surely this is on tap for the premium iPad?Will they continue the iPad 2? Perhaps in a colored plastic case without the touch sensor? LOLThe mini really must get the touch sensor as well, if not the retina screen. That will at least drive new sales.
I'm surprised we haven't seen an article about it here yet. Every major news outl and tech blog has picked up this story. It's going to be the next antenna gate. People are already threatening class action lawsuits if Apple doesn't get on this "problem".
It's all good, the stock price will drop soon, thanks to iOS 7 giving users Vertigo and motion sockness. So Tim Cook can buy up all the stock he wants. LOL http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/26/ios-7-design-motion-sickness_n_3995898.html
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