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Smartphones only represent 15% of all the phones being used in the US? Am I reading that right?
You mean again?   apple already released a watch -- the sixth gen. iPod Nano. Not sure how this would be different, except it would do a lot more and be much more stylish.   Don't know why people are so opposed to this concept. Sports enthusiast in particular would welcome such a watch, and frankly anybody who buys a shuffle or a nano now. I wouldn't be surprised to see this replace the shuffle.
Quick! Sue Apple for planned obsolescence!!! How dare they perpetrate such fraud on the consumer!
  Yup. Exactly how I felt after playing with them whenever I go into the Apple Store.    It's too small for my taste too, but I could live with that in exchange for the weight if it were Retina. The combination of text being too small and standard resolution display is just unbearable after the clarity of the 3rd iPad. I left the jaggies behind and I'm not going back.
Ridiculous. Good luck with that. The 4th gen iPad hardly makes the 3rd gen obsolete in any event.
Well at least this explains why Apple pulled the last generation iPod Nano, when it was doing so well and taking on new life as a watch, replacing it with an arguably worse concept.
It's not just missing Siri, it's missing 4G LTE. At least the 4S has faux 4G.   Most developing countries are setting up wireless networks and bypassing landlines altogether. A friend just got back from Columbia and in the middle of a rural jungle area got 5 bars of 4G LTE.    If you have a choice of buying a 3G phone with limited coverage, or a 4G model which has better coverage and is faster, especially if it costs less, which would you buy?    Even in the US, where the...
Apple should stop going after market share with this. The Apple TV is already a cheap peice of plastic unbecoming of Apple's quality standards. Why don't they improve the quality standards, profit margins, market strictly to the wealthy, and stop competing with Roku and the other cheap market-share seeking manufacturers? Why does Apple need market share? They have superiority, niche marketing and inflated margins. Who needs anything else? /s EDIT, BY TALLEST SKIL: Edited...
Frankly I wish the iPhone looked more like this HTC. For my taste, the most dated part of the iPhone is the thick top and bottom bezels. The back of the iPhone 5 looks great, the front really needs to catch up. But that means they have to re-think the home button. Perhaps like the 30-pin dock connector Apple is ready to do this soon ...
Wonder what Google thinks about: Http:www.scroogled.com
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