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Well it's not a ridiculous idea. Apple does have to keep making things more compelling than the competition, if not totally radical.Either way, unless Apple radically changes their business strategy this year, the "5S" is not likely going to blow anybody's sock off. More likely the new low-cost universal iPhone will be the thing that blows everybody's mind this generation.
Apple has a way of giving the customer only what it thinks they need. And 10" tablets don't need a flash because customers shouldn't be using it to take pictures. Right? And nobody has ever FaceTimed in low-light or at night.Hopefully, the 7" mini makes more sense in general for photographs, so Apple might update it with a flash first, and then finally add it to the big iPad.
Can't tell, I see symmetrical features on the bottom, could those be stereo speakers? Also, unless the case manufacturer is just guessing, there does not appear to be a flash for the rear facing camera added this time around.
Nope. Steve Jobs has always catered to one of the poorest segments of our society -- education. And there are few poorer than many college students. Not only has Apple always offered sizeable discounts to the education market, and sold specialized equipment not available to the general public, but Apple often gives away equipment to particularly needy organizations.In many ways, emerging markets can be seen similarly. They may not have much money now, but like a student...
When did they discontinue the iPhone 4? Did I miss something? I thought they were still selling it brand new as the "free" phone.
Isn't this almost exactly what they did with the white polycarbonate MacBook? Even after they switched it to aluminum, they went back to the polycarbonate design and continued to sell millions for several years, even after introducing a 13" aluminum Pro model.
You are operating under the assumption that the 3.5" screen is somehow a problem, when in fact it's a well tried display with proven OS solutions to address different-sized screens. Moreover, it has only been 5 months since the iPhone 5 has been released. Have any new iPhones been released? Have any new iPod Touches been released. This is a specious argument. There's still plenty of time in Apple's usual product cycles to add a new 3.5" device to the lineup.Besides, what...
Funny, when I first saw it I thought it looked just like e iPad mini. How's that for unifying the product line?Well first, why would anyone design an app only for the 3.5 UI and cut themselves out of the iPhone 5 market? That's just common sense.Second, of course they don't require you to build for the 3.5 UI. Despite the fact the 4 & 4S are still being sold, and if there's no low one-size-fits-all low budget entry level iPhone, the 4S will continue to sold, (and likely...
Why do you assume that they are? Steve Jobs could have had this idea while working on the original iPhone. The 3G could have been the first attempt. It's a perfectly rational plan by any manufacturer, especially when considering markets like India and China.
I don't know anybody who didn't buy a 3 because it was heavier or thicker than the 2. And did I miss something? Did the 3 sell less units than the 2? I thought people were trading in their 2s to buy a 3! The 4 likely has sold less because the mini cannibalized some sales from it.
New Posts  All Forums: