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The phone has already become an unwelcome intrusion into many aspects of our lives. But it does have one saving grace -- you can put it away.The watch, you really can't. Its always there. Perhaps there will be a simple way to put the watch into "airplane" mode which will even turn off the display unless a physical button is pressed. This is one of the reasons why glancing at your watch while otherwise engaged, became a socially unacceptable ... Because it was a ubiquitous,...
Yup, and it just might be you.
Until Apple makes a watch line as diverse as this, Cartier is in no immediate danger of going out of business.
It's not an article, it's an editorial. An extremely biased one.
Only if you can't afford a $10,000+ watch in the first place.People who can afford to spend money on luxuries like that, most likely don't think twice about whether their new toy will last more than a year, nor even whether they will lose interest in it in a month.The gold in the watch likely only amounts to less than $2,000. The price tag is for the privilege of paying for Apple's new product crafted in 18k gold, and being one of the few to own one. It's the price of...
But it sure is nice.I do wonder how that thing is assembled. One of the issues link bands have are the pins need to be periodically replaced as they wear and stretch and break. But there are no visible pins on these bands. I'm guessing if one ever breaks, you won't be able to have it fixed at your local jeweler.Here's what I find surprising though ... That the $17,000 gold watch does not come with a link option. Just looking at the high end gold watches available on the...
Why does Apple have to state it for it to be true?http://time.com/3426087/apple-iphone-6-cost/
Exactly. And the same may be true of a computer company that steps into transportation.
No offense, but the same company service watch for many years? You don't exactly sound like a watch person. I'm not sure you're in the best position to comment on the Swiss watchmakers predicament. And you are clearly an Apple fan. But not everyone needs everything the Watch can do, nor wants to be constrained by the limited fashion statement it can make. Indeed, for a watch enthusiast, I imagine they will absolutely be interested in buying an Watch if they are already...
How many of them bought a gold iPhone or iPad ... In a mall?
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