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That's a great chart. If I had to guess, the issue with the iPhone, unlike all those other manufacturers is that you can't upgrade the storage capacity. So unlike the others, once you select the 16GB iphone, you're stuck with it. If the same thing happened with a Samsung, the store would just sell you a ram card. Apple sells you a virtual RAM card with a recurring fee rather than a one-time purchase.
Except WiFi uses a lot more power than Bluetooth. Not sure why they would need that kind of higher speed connection to send over the minimal data the watch would need. People aren't going to be watching movies on their watches. It's mainly notifications, mp3s, and biometrics data. Right?
Yeah, I'm not convinced that "wearables" will go mainstream when the Apple Watch is released. But it will certainly bring mainstream awareness to the concept as it has not been in that past. Will people start wearing them? I'm not convinced.   But I do believe "phablets" will continue to be a growing market segment, if only on the low end of the market spectrum where people can't afford both a tablet and a phone and make the compromise for less money than both, while...
Imagine that, now that all the Android users have replaced their phablets with the 6 Plus, demand for gigantic phones has significantly dropped in favor of smaller sizes. I would love to know if the 5S sold as well or better than the 6 Plus.
I would really like my videos synched, but this seems like a mess at the moment.    So without Photo Stream, do all of the devices automatically sync all photos from lCloud Photo Library? That seems like a lot, and if I don't want a photo on a particular device, if I delete it on my iPhone, does it delete everywhere?    I actually kind of like Photo Stream ... the way I use it, I am able to have any picture I've taken in the last 30 days on any device show up on any...
Apple has designed a brand new phone and sold it for $99. Prior to that they had no history of designing any brand new phone and selling it for $99. Your argument is specious, and only confirms you have no idea what you are talking about.
Once again, it must be pointed out that you have no idea what you are talking about.
But what about the cyber terrorist threats that now that Sony pulled it from theaters that they had better not ever release it in any form or even allow it to be "leaked"? Surely Sony must be running in fear considering how quickly they pulled it from theaters? Why would they be so foolish as to risk an iTunes or Sony Playstation release? /s
I agree, but not next year, the following year. Merchants are going to go kicking and screaming into adopting compatible contactless systems for which the deadline doesn't hit until months after the 6S is released. And even then consumers will still have old credit cards that haven't been replaced. The iPhone 7 is when the 6S mini will bring Pay to the masses. If I'm right, that's when it will drop to the "free" phone, with a new 7 mini/7/7 Plus lineup taking the top 3...
Yes, I agree and said as much at the time. This was a brilliant move by Apple. The difference is that the 5C case will be four years old by the time I suspect they retire it (after upgrading the internals with the 5S which I suspect it was engineered to do). That means Apple has had four years to build new aluminum shell fabrication plants. The plastic phone cases could literally be produced at any existing plastic manufacturing plant. Does the plastic shell really cost...
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