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Perhaps they can charge the watch IN THE SHOWER!
Just like Apple getting into the car business, and will provide about the same ROI, which is razor thin, just like every other car company.
They are going to have tough time marketing with their usual boasts: "Thinnest yet!" just isn't going to work with cars. 
Then Tim Cook will be the guy who changes Apple's entire business model. Apple doesn't do cheap, unless they can still make a sizable margin. So it's either going to be a premium luxury vehicle servicing a niche market who want to drive around with a glowing Apple logo on their grill, or the first product Apple loses money on (for people who want to drive around with a glowing Apple logo on their grill).  I can only imagine it will look like the DeLorean from Back To The...
They can't even make a watch that does that.
Well one thing's for sure, it won't be tethered to a table with a security tag.   How to display the watch without compromising the Apple experience is at least a big a challenge as the watch itself.
One more thing it can't do. So Apple's new standard is whether or not anybody else is doing more than they are? I seriously thought about getting one for my mom, since she wears watches, likes technology, and would get a kick out of some of the tricks it can do, plus it would give us piece of mind with her health and safety. Then I realized she most likely wouldn't remember to charge it every night, and even if she did, how useful would it be to her on the charging stand...
How do you figure? Apple wants to get into the car business so it can start competing with the low-to-mid-range manufacturers? They don't do that now, why would they do that in cars? At that level the ONLY way to make the same kind of profits margins they do on their current products is by volume. 10% of the car business is not enough to make the kinds of profits Apple stock holders are used to. And what about the investment in infrastructure? Custom Apple Car dealerships...
The solution is obvious. The floor models will be outfitted with electric charges which will shock the customer if they try to exit the store with them. So they can just display them untethered in the middle of the store. It's all about conditioning the customer to correct behavior.
This is why this isn't going to happen. If Apple wants to lose its cash reserves fast, they'll get into the retail car business. There's no car company in the US Apple could buy to have an instant infrastructure that is set up the "Apple Way". And without that, what are they buying? And unlike the iPhone, if something goes wrong and there's not an Apple Store nearby, you can't just swap it out via FedEx. The profit margins in the car business do not in any way reflect...
New Posts  All Forums: