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I think that's the entire basis behind Apple' MFi program.A $29 Apple dongle is not necessarily any better than a $10 one, sold by a company who wants to make a quality product so customers continue to buy from them. The $10 one just doesn't pay a substantial license fee to Apple for the privilege of associating their brand with Apple, which is designed to suggest to the customer the product is superior to any other on the market.
I would agree with this to some degree. I think it's still short sighted to limit a device to only one port as too many things could go wrong with that single port. But I too believe that currently, average people are going to walk out with the MBA once they start comparing features vs. price. It's hard for me to believe that the same people who are the market for the new MacBook, wouldn't also first buy a much less expensive iPad if they didn't absolutely need to run OS X...
Man that younger generation is going to have a tough time of it if their internet connection ever goes down.
Oh I see. I was confused as I have a Connect, and forgot there's one with a built-in Amp. I imagine there could be a synchronization issue between an existing AirPort express, but unlikely for a future Apple solution. I agree Apple probably wouldn't sell an amp, but I'd say HomeKit licensed compatible Amps would show up on the market just like AirPlay amps now, but these would be on-demand so your amp doesn't have to be on the entire time when not in use. Point being,...
Thanks for that ... I have to admit I wasn't paying that close attention to it assuming we wouldn't see them until the next hardware release, presumably next year. Granted the iPad got a quick update, but that's also because it was launched mid-cycle on what was basically the iPhone OS. That said, I guess there's some parallel to the watch being closely tied to the iPhone, so a major upgrade following iOS 9 a month or two later makes a certain amount of sense -- stabilize...
I think I missed something ... did Apple announce watchOS 2 would be released this Fall? Has a 2nd Gen OS ever been released in less than a year from the previous release?
There's a Trader Joes in an old Bank in downtown Brooklyn. Very incongruous. I believe they keep the Pirate Booty in the bank vault.
You're talking about running an audio output to an amp that powers the ceiling speakers? Can't you just run that from your AppleTV or Airport Express?
Yes please post links to this conclusive data you reference. Or did Apple show it to you under an exclusive confidentiality agreement, so we'll just have to take your word for it? I've yet to classify someone who wants to insert a USB flash drive a friend gave them into their laptop, as a "power user", the most common item to plug into a laptop, by the average user, after the power lead. And I've yet to see someone who casually uses a MacBook express an affinity to use a...
So is there any doubt there will be a camera in the next gen Watch? What could be more convenient than taking a selfie without getting your phone out of your pocket or bag?
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