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Again, all speculation. But is this the first lab Apple had to study health, or only the new one they built 3 years ago? Again, they were clearly testing the iPhone with Nike+, and the iPod before that. The Nike+ App appeared in the App store in 2010, which is two years before the lab was built. Are you suggesting Apple wasn't doing anything with health before the Watch began development, ceding it all to Nike and others until 3 years ago?
Which brings up a very good point ... will ATT, Verizon, and the other major mobile carriers sell the Watch? It seems like a no brainer -- "now that you have your new iPhone, perhaps you'd like one of these lovely Watches to make your life more convenient". I mean that's the upsell, right? (Aside from the fact that the watch may itself upset the iPhone).
 I like this idea. This way the 6S mini becomes the mid-tier phone when the 7 comes out, and then the "free" phone when the 7S comes out. However, I don't think they will put the 6 into a plastic case. I don't think people will buy a $100 iPhone made out of plastic, when they can get a pretty good one in the 5S for free. Then again, maybe switching Android customers would. But, if the "mini" user can only upgrade every other year, then why not start it off as "last years...
I tend to agree with you, however, this is all specious reasoning. Obviously the watch did not exist except in concepts three years ago, so the lab was obviously testing other things at that time, that or sitting empty waiting for the first watch prototypes ...
You're probably right ... aside from just holding it, unless it's paired to a phone that does something meaningful for you, it really is only half utilized. Im sure it's not hard to un-pair it either.  What's interesting is that Apple is not staffing the "stores" with geniuses. I have to imagine that even if these are store employees, Apple has hand picked them and trained them. That in my mind is the only wild card here. And since someone pointed out that Selfridges sells...
Do we know that? I feel like this lab has been around for a while, and when Apple first offered Nike+ on the iPhone, similar tests would have likely occurred. 
Right, because previous product releases have shown Apple's customers are reasonable like that. /s
Why do you say these are feminine styles? I've seen tan watch bands on a man's watch before. And I see guys in the gym with neon pink workout gear. I'm not saying these particular styles don't appeal more toward women, but they're fairly gender neutral.
We're trained now, the battery life is better, and Apple has steadily improved software power management. I suspect a brand new iPhone user might get a little excited and despite all these things, still have a steep learning curve with power management.  The watch is a whole new animal, which is likely going to have significant issues with battery life once it hits the street and people load it up with all these cool apps, and things it can do. So unlike people who use an...
I have to say that picture she took of the watch does it no favors. It looks like a plastic kids watch. This is definitely a case of needing to see that jellyfish screen in person.      Fascinating to see the bands in action. It looks like there's a metal plug in the center where the latch button is. Unlike a lightning connector, I'm assuming they will only attach one way.
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