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Not unless they get the weight down to match the weight of the mini ...Two completely different animals. Can't just lop off the bezel on the iPad because there's thumb recognition technology now ...
Around here, sure. But that's like saying that kids who want to go to college or start a business should just do what Mitt Romney did and borrow money from their parents.Granted this is anecdotal, but I had a friend switch from her iPhone to a Razr, in part because of the availability of USB chargers. She could never find a 30-pin dock connector charger when she needed one. But since there are many more phones and devices on the market that use USB, especially outside the...
No, the adoption of Lightning as a standard will be delayed as long as Apple continues to sell an iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 and iPod Touch (4) and Classic with the 30-pin dock connector. The iPad 2 may go away this Spring, but unless Apple updates the iPhone 4/S with Lightning, then there's two products that will require 30-pin dock connector support and accessories for another year and a half. The iPod Touch (4) and Classic are likely here until at least the next refresh if...
Now, I'm not sure why Siminoff won't go ahead with this thing. Apple says they will support USB alongside lightning, as well as the 30-pin dock connector now. So what exactly is the problem now? Just take the USB charger cable that came with your phone, or whatever, and plug it into a USB port. Theres ever storage for the cable! Problem solved. I'm now beginning to wonder if this guy is legit after all ... I mean what kind of chargers is he contemplating?
Hey Gazoobee, this was my complaint.Clearly Apple agreed 100% with me, and realized their policy was both "whack" and "nuts". According to you, it looks like Apple has decided to back a "bad idea".
Hey Gazoobee, this was my complaint.http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/12/21/apple-updates-mfi-guidelines-after-kickstarter-project-flapClearly Apple agreed 100% with me, and realized their policy was both "whack" and "nuts". According to you, it looks like Apple has decided to back a "bad idea".
I'm somewhat appalled that 3rd party products must be lightening only, and can't even incorporate Apple's legacy 30-pin dock connector. That's kind of whack. So essentially if a 3rd party vendor wants in, they have to manufacture separate products for each Apple connector, meaning a consumer who buys a product for their iPhone 4, will have to repurchase the device when they upgrade to an iPhone 5. Nuts!
I'm actually surprised Apple would allow an App that deals in rumors about unreleased Apple products, and routinely posts pictures of illegally obtained parts ... You'd think there would be something in the agreement prohibiting this .,,, but otherwise, great!
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Why do you keep saying this? I can't imagine anything further from reality. Apple is selling its ecosystem. The box would be offered specifically for mostly non-Apple customers who want their TV solution. What better way to introduce them to their ecosystem? It's like putting iTunes on Windows. apple could care less if you buy their TV, they want you to buy their services -- that's the whole reason the iPad mini exists.
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