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Touche. But the fact is, the band will be different and the watch won't. The watch will still look exactly like everybody else's. Just with a different band.
Really, so the stores aren't crowded with thousands more people to try it on today? Or for the next two weeks? Seriously how is starting this process a week or two earlier any more a problem for the Stores than it is two weeks later? You're not keeping up. There will be NO watches available at ANY Apple Store on 4/24. Apple has not announced when watches will first be available at the stores. So no luck picking one up on the 24th. Hope you were able to pre-order yours.
Yes it's sure to drive the black-market Edition knock-offs so the kids who want to emulate Pharell and Drake can afford to wear the same kind of gold wrist wear as they do. Fortunately the Chinese started selling them before it was even released :-) 
No, I'm speculating based on Apple's well documented business practices. Google "Apple supply chain" and educate yourself. In 2012 it was reported that Apple turns over its entire inventory every 5 days. http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/31/apple_turns_over_entire_inventory_every_five_days They are continually ranked as the best in the world at this. Manufacturing a ton of inventory to sit around in warehouses is not their M.O.
To be fair, it doesn't change the look of the watch, it changes the look of the band. The watch is still going to be an identical black glass square with silver highlights for most people in the world.
You are absolutely right. Apple has a well documented streamlined manufacturing process with only as many units in the pipeline as will be immediately sold. 
You just proved my point. Thanks!
I agree. Apple is essentially a build to order company that maintains a very limited supply of stock on hand. I think they had a limited amount of stock ready to ship, all based on people favoriting their watches online. But the vast majority ordered today will likely need to be assembled. If Appe was transparent about this and advertised BTO, with the actual manufacturing to doorstep estimate, this frenzy today would have been completely avoided.
Again, that's not the point. Is Apple just trying to move units like Samsung, or are they trying to cultivate a brand an experience? Everything they have done with the watch up until now, the diaries, the fashion placements, the boutique jewelry store partners, have all suggested this is more than just a commodity product. Yet, they dump it sight unseen onto the market, limiting the initial experience to the techno-geek, Apple fanboys and early adopters, who know how to...
New Posts  All Forums: