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How is Apple going to secure the watches? Will there be a jewelry store counter now forcing customers to look with their eyes, not with their hands, without assistance? I can't imagine any other way to show such a personal device a customer must strap onto their wrist. But who knows, Apple may come up with a revolutionary way to demo jewelry. And let's face it, once Apple goes down this path, can digital rings, broaches and necklaces be far behind? Anybody think Apple...
[quote name="blackbook" url="/t/182331/apples-next-product-splash-slated-for-second-half-of-october#post_2600291" No AppleTV, no iPods, and no MacBooks.[/quote] Maybe no Apple TV hardware -- I think brokering a payment deal with the major banks is more than enough for one year. But there should be a software update along with Yosimite ... Isn't Airplay supposed to bypass the need to connect to a network and go direct into the box? I'm looking forward to that ...
Don't call it a Galaxy Note imitation, call it a galaxy note killer.
I think Apple will push for the wireless solution. When I coined "iPay" I didn't mean the process, but rather the hardware -- whatever hardware Apple is using in the Apple Store to make purchases on the floor, I can see Apple marketing a professional solution, even if it's just an iPad mini with a special case. Square's days are numbered.And I believe they already announced Apple Pay would be compatible with Internet payments, specifically through the Target website.In two...
How will Apple Pay work at bars and restaurants? I assume they will bring the antenna to the customer? Wireless pay solutions will be a significant investment for such businesses I'd think. But I'm sure Apple will offer a solution, iPay anyone?
Yes, THIS. I can barely see my iPhone in bright sunlight to unlock it. The Sport watch will undoubtably be used outside extensively.And while I'm at it, why skimp on the glass for the sport model? They are surely going to sell the majority of those, and that's exactly the model that's going to have the bezel impacted the most.
With Apple Pay and Apple Watch, I hope we're seeing the end of products labeled "i"-something.
So we can expect hear more comments of: "is that your iPhone 6 Plus, or are you just happy to see me?"Maybe that's why Apple hired all those fashion people -- to influence design trends so people won't blink at buying a ridiculously huge phone with no practical way to carry it.
And it will hopefully be thinner too ... way too bulky as it is now.
You've seen the 6 next to the 5S, right? It's height AND width. And you put your finger on it with the 4 ... we're comparing it to the 5, but I'm going from a 4 ... so it's really a big difference for what I'm used to and what I'd prefer out of a mobile device on the go ... it's a little thinner, but let's face it, all they did was add an antenna and a chip, and previous components have surely shrunk since the original 5. The Plus should be ridiculously spacious...
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