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"Hey Siri" is great ... but about 3x an hour Siri currently activates on my iPhone due to a similar combination of words broadcast over the TV when my iPhone is near it. So that doesn't seem to be an ideal controller for a TV unless they do a LOT of work on Siri between now and then.
What are you talking about? It USES the iPhone! Siri requires a network connection. Last I checked the Watch relies on the iPhone for that. How can Siri be any better on the watch than it is on the iPhone?
Well it will make setting up an Watch a bit faster, since as I understand it, everytime the watch is removed the ability to use Pay is disabled. I suppose the bad guys could just hack off your arm ;-) Of course, your kids could add sleeping pills to your nightly glass of Scotch, strap on your watch, and use your fingerprints to authorize it, and then go out on the town. Or, for the younger crowd, after you pass out at that house party, and a total stranger does it. Or...
I believe they did, explaining at several keynotes why greater megapixels didn't equate to better pictures, when pointedly asked why there weren't more mega-pixels.
Then I guess I missed yours. I thought your point was that Apple hasn't been in the megapixel race for 7 generations, usually downplaying its relevance, so why expect something different now? And mine in response was that they stayed out of the size-race, downplaying its importance, until now. In other words, past performance is NEVER a guarantee for Apple to do anything.
But you can bet they will market the heck out of the fact they did it.
Well they did offer only one size iPhone for 5 generations -- the "perfect size", before offering a slightly larger "more perfect" iPhone; and now the current Phablet-sized 6 Plus, which by statement and practice was exactly something they suggested they would never do.
So when your phone vibrates in your pocket, and then you check your watch and see it's something you want to reply to, then you extract your phone from your pocket to reply. I suppose there are some notifications you won't feel compelled to reply to, but based on how I use my phone, I'd say the Watch would merely add another step to the way I already use the phone for most notifications I receive. I can see the benifits of everything the Watch can do. But I can't see...
The typical Apple display options will not work for the Watch. They will need cases under lock and key with Specialists to assist customers, just like a jewelry store. Otherwise, they will need guards armed with AR 15s standing out front. I imagine in the first weeks of the Watch release, they will have to hire thousands of extra employees to serve this function.
Of course. They have to add a watch counter like in a jewelry store. They aren't going to just hook a $10,000 gold Watch to a security strap and put it on a pedestal by the front entrance!
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