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And by the way, the second and most lewd watch face you depict will be possible with Watch OS2. So Apple preventing custom watch faces will do nothing to prevent the worst of your two examples in a very short time.
And what happens when that same user puts a cheap watch band on it imported from China? Or an utterly tasteless watch band. People will see that much more often than they will see a fleeting glimpse of their watch face, and it too will reflect badly upon Apple, no? Yet Apple fully supports the user choosing what band to put on their watch.
 And yet I can have pictures like this on the home screen wallpaper of my iPhone now. In fact, with Watch OS2 I will be able to post any photo I want as the wallpaper behind a clock display. And a person could post equally as tasteless photos there. As well as copyrighted ones. So truly where is the problem with allowing users to select custom watch faces? So far none of your arguments agains it amount to anything more than personal bias. The only argument you have going...
And how exactly is this any different from allowing third party band makers to customize the watches, something far more visible than the glimpse of the watch face which stays on only briefly typically for the exclusive view of the wearer? More over, what about all those cheap watch bands that have flooded the market, on Amazon and eBay, some of which could also break copyrights, like a faux Louis Vuitton band? And how is this any different than if I have a copyrighted...
Why do you care so much what other people do with their property?
Wrong. Fossil circa 2005 running Palm OS
"you're doing it wrong" - Steve Jobs ;-)
Except that's where my DVD player sits, perfectly.
Well if it looks like a FIAT, I won't be buying one
There's no real reason that has to happen. This graphic below shows the 38mm display fits easily into the 42mm watch without any changes. And I don't see anybody complaining that the 38mm display is too small to use, or that they are sacrificing anything, except battery life. That said, there's no reason why a clever engineering design couldn't accommodate the same size display as the watch size, ie current 42mm display within a 42mm watch. And as this example shows, the...
New Posts  All Forums: