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Nah, Apple surely explored that. Their assumption here is that if you buy an TV, at a minimum you already have an iPhone, or an iPad. For most people, as Apple has acknowledged before, browsing the internet on their iPad or iPhone while they watch TV is common experience. I think it's only a matter of time before the remote goes completely. Simply mirroring the video of TV on the iPad or iPhone would be the way to go, actually typing directly on the virtual keyboard...
Well let's hope Apple doesn't come out and prohibit alternate text entry methods.
Since Apple claimed it is the only remote you'll ever need, surely there's a fix coming for this? ;-)
Everybody thinks they are so much smarter than Apple engineers. Do you really think Apple didn't already think of this? The trolls are out in force today. /s
The hypocrisy is strong with this one ...
I though Apple said it was the ONLY remote I would ever need? That's because its the only remote that will work. Clever reading between the lines like that.
And yet: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/189854/apple-promo-offers-50-savings-on-apple-watch-with-new-iphone-purchase No, it's not "free", but I pretty much called this one ...
Ah yes, so much for the refined status Apple seemed to be aiming for at the beginning.Maybe Hermes will give a discount on the Watch when you buy it with a Birken Bag? ;-)
Will it only control the volume of legacy IR TV? Or will it also control power, channel and source selection too?
Exactly. It's not like 3D TV which exploded in popularity and can be found in almost every living room in the US. /s
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