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Bit of a generalization isn't it?I stayed on iOS 6 intentionally. Until Apple forced me to upgrade by making FaceTime incompatible with users who had upgraded. No wonder the percentage of upgraded users is so high.With an iPhone 4s I had several reasons:With more system animations I figured why overtax my limited processor? My 4s is sluggish by comparison now.Aesthetically I am not impressed. I find iOS 7 garish and often confusing.Adoption time: iOS 6 was working...
I know you think it must work this way, but it doesn't. That's why you don't really have two identical iPhones.
Yes it is back, albeit not literally, but conceptually. And this article proceeds from a ridiculous premise that Apple's motivation here is because they don't want to lose anymore ground to Dropbox, et al. And that's ridiculous, back when Apple chose to drop Gallery and iDisk, they didn't give a rats ass what the Apple customers wanted, they just killed it, and they killed it for over two years. Whatever losses they allegedly perceive are their own fault and casts a...
Finally what? Giving us back the technology that existed when they launched Monile Me? And then took away, forcing everyone to scramble to find some other alternative?Why would I possibly switch back from Drop Box, a service that Apple forced me to use, and works flawlessly for me? And why would I ever invest in an Apple solution again, when they could just as easily change their minds and force me to scramble to find another service at any time?Talk about a royal screw...
Sorry, 10.10 is just ridiculous. 10.10 is very similar to 10.1.0, which is common nomenclature (not that it will lead to much confusion). 10.10.10 is going to look ludicrous. They really need to figure out what comes after OS X marketing.
I had no choice. Apple broke FaceTime compatibility between iOS 7 and 6. So if I wanted to use FaceTime , I was forced to upgrade. No wonder Apple can claim such high numbers.I really don't like iOS 7, nor do I use many of the new features now, though I'm sure I love the improvements under the hood.
Passbook is exactly what this reminds me of. It was a huge letdown. I've used it, but it is hardly user-friendly, and didn't deliver the promise they hype anticipated. There's nothing wrong with the app per se, but the rumors made it seem like an out-of-the-box NFC replacement.
Nope. This is a brilliant move on the part of Apple. They RETAIN the BEATS BRAND already available on Android and Windows, but they replace the engine with iTunes on the back end. BEATS becomes a shell for sell through from the iTunes store, without actually putting the Apple brand on those devices. Yes they ultimately own it, but it's one thing to see an Apple logo on an Android phone, and another to see Beats.
Facebook Post to Grandma's wall -- "Sent while watching 'MILF Bangers 14'"
Just my personal opinion. If there's anyone who was able to out-reality-distortion-field Jobs, it was Hartmut Esslinger. Jobs was completely duped by this guy with his white square boxes covered with dust collecting grooves. But Jobs finally came to his senses after Esslingers brilliant Next black box with dust collecting grooves, and embraced a true design genius in Ive.
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