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Thank you. I sort of skimmed the article. My apologies for putting you to the trouble.I have to say that's kind of a weird card policy when attempting to drive purchases through Amazon. On the other hand, I guess Amazon is trying to get into banking, or Chase is trying to ensure they get as much use as possible for their investment? Still an interesting deal.
And who uses their Amazon Card at a B&M store where they get NO benefits from using it?I'll be using my airline rewards cards there where I actually get some benefit.Makes no sense.
I don't understand why you even need Apple Pay with Amazon's own card. The whole point of Apple Pay is convenience and security. Nothing is more convenient than Amazon's own one-step payment process. Now we're talking about their own card. They already have all of your information. So there's NO added security. So again, why do I care if they support Apple Pay or not on their own credit card, the only benefit of which is to give you cash back from purchases through them?
I thought this was a FEATURE to make the Samsung switchers feel right at home.
Has Apple gotten out of the iPad and iPhone dock market? I just looked and they only offer a dock for the iPhone 4 & 5 series, and they don't offer any docks for ANY iPad. Boy Apple has a come a long way since the days of the original iPhone, which came packaged together with a dock.
Wait, I don't really know why I would want to make a call with my Mac when my phone is sitting in close proximity. However, is this also supposed to work on an iPad? That I could actually see using.
Wrong. The fact Apple is selling the 64GB for the same price they sold the 32GB last year demonstrates clearly how the price of memory keeps dropping. Apple is capitalizing on the huge margins they are making on the 16GB selling it for the same price as they did last year even though it costs them less. And the fact is, as the iOS gets more bloated as it does more and more each generation, this is likely the last year Apple can offer a base model with only 16GB. Next year...
I can't believe they didn't price the original mini at $199.   Guess they know what they're doing ...
Can't wait to try it AFTER they release OS X 10.10.1 and fix the bugs.
The 5C broke the rules, by introducing a brand new model where the 5 should have dropped to the middle, while the 4S did what normally happens and drops to the bottom. Since they dropped the 5C to the bottom, and the 5S took the middle unchanged, there was no reason to call it the 5SC. I don't believe Apple will phase out a brand new design after only two years on the market, so at a minimum, I'm saying they will drop the 5S into the plastic case next year and possibly...
New Posts  All Forums: