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I agree. I think that releasing the watch after the iPhone 6 was great marketing, since it allowed people to carry bigger phones, and still access them without the need to hold them in their hand. The fact is the watch works with every phone back through the 5. The 4S still accounts for a small percentage of the installed base, but the rest are insignificant. In fact, not introducing a smaller 6S also seems like it could be part of a strategy to promote the Watch, as...
Yes, but they released the new iPods during the last quarter so anyone with pent up need for a more powerful iPod likely rushed out and bought it, which likely resulted in a surge. I would expect that trend to continue during the holiday season as well. The TV also had a big price drop which likely initiated a lot of sales, I know I went out and bought several. Probably less so since the ATV4 was announced. And then there's Beats which launched several new products during...
Why did you even bother upgrading your TV 2s? I have an TV 2 and it does everything my TV 3 does at work. The 4 definitely does more than either, and seems worth the upgrade comparatively.
Yikes. Well if they're still earning like that, then the Watch does not account for nearly as big a percentage.
Good point. I think that's right. It goes into Services along with the App Stores, iBooks, iTunes, iCloud, Apple Care and Pay.
Not so much knocking beats, as pointing out how silly it is to think that $300 million profit is driving the 1% growth year over year of the Other category. If it is, then the Watch is in big trouble.
LOL. Yes I'm sure Beats is single handedly driving the growth of the Other category! Old TVs, and the dying iPod line.
Of course we do. While we don't know the specifics, do you really think the new iPods, the TV 3 with a new model coming, and 6 million Apple Music subscribers make up a lion's share of that category?  Most of those sales are Watch sales, as not has else has changed since the 3rd and 4th quarters a year ago, so what's driving that 1% growth?
Looks like Apple's "Other" category grew by 1% since the 3rd quarter earnings report, if the numbers I"m seeing elsewhere are accurate. Went from 5% of the total earnings to 6% of the total earnings, and that has to be driven almost exclusively by the Watch. And that's up 2% year over year, and 1% from the previous quarter. So it looks like the Watch may be responsible for close to a steady 1% quarterly growth of he "Other" category, so theoretically 4% growth by March? 
I don't think that's a good ad strategy personally. Anybody remember the "welcome to the PC business" ad Steve Jobs put in the newspapers to welcome IBMs first PC?It might be more effective if the camera ad actually demonstrated these really cool things, but I know what the phone does, and by looking at the commercial, it looks more or less like last year's phone. Live Photos in particular looked like the same old movies, instead of something new and exciting. And 4K...
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