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Facebook Post to Grandma's wall -- "Sent while watching 'MILF Bangers 14'"
Just my personal opinion. If there's anyone who was able to out-reality-distortion-field Jobs, it was Hartmut Esslinger. Jobs was completely duped by this guy with his white square boxes covered with dust collecting grooves. But Jobs finally came to his senses after Esslingers brilliant Next black box with dust collecting grooves, and embraced a true design genius in Ive.
This argument doesn't work here, since ATV is Apple's entry into the marketplace, and has been around for years, essentially unchanged, as a "hobby", while they have let others slowly eat away their marketshare. Unlike the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the ATV should operate invisibly. Currently it doesn't, and now Amazon has jumped well ahead of where Apple should have been with their product at this point. Perhaps Apple will do something revolutionary, but the reality is, these...
Google Glass is not going to take off until the technology can effectively hide in a normal pair of glasses without altering the style. 
The only time I ever recall Jobs talking about the past was when he was telling people he didn't want to talk about the past. Maybe if you refresh my memory ...
I don't see any reason for them to change the Classic until SSD in the same capacity can be sold for the same price. The only thing it currently offers is capacity. And as such is more of a legacy device compared to Apple' current iCloud business model. Despite which, I think Apple realizes there are plenty of situations in which Internet connectivity is not practical. But I see the Classic morphing into more of a Touch device comprised mostly of storage anyway.
Um, the Air is the FULL-SIZED iPad. If anything, this hints at a large iPad on the horizon, allowing them to drop the Air down to the iPad 2s price while offering the larger screen for the same iPad price point.
As long as they come up with some fresh branding ... The "i" --insert product here-- labeling is so very tired.
FULLY EXPECTED THIS.   But Apple is going to have to come up with a better solution for the Home button eventually, and after 7 years, it has gotten a little long in the tooth. It's an elementary learning tool for the idevice, that really isn't needed once someone is comfortable with the concept, like the one-button mouse. Way too much room is taken up on the device with the home button. Perhaps moving it to the back side in order to keep the current functionality and...
I don't think so at all. I'm looking at historical purchases and Apple's previously rumored plans. Show me that the same business and enterprise customers were clamoring for the previous Mac Pro models, and I might agree. But businesses have no need for the MacPro. The iMac and mini does the job just fine for them. The Pro isn't even necessary for server use, as the mini can also handle most of those needs as well.  Bottom line, Apple was thinking of discontinuing it,...
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