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I don't see how the Hermes watch precludes any other major brand from customizing an Watch, unless Apple refuses them, and I can't imagine they would as ultimately it's in their best interest to expand their reach to as many luxury customers as possible. Im not thrilled with how this watch is being branded, since Hermes is essentially adapting their existing band designs for the Watch, and Apple is adapting the Hermes watch face designs, yet Hermes gets sole branding on...
Weren't you the one quoting Jony Ive explicitly stating Apple was not competing with luxury watch makers? And slamming Huawei and others for going after the luxury watch market with pseudo-luxury-looking watch faces? But it's OK now that Apple is doing it?
I'm very curious to see how quickly the gold options sell out. My prediction is that the 16GB model is available mainly to accommodate those customers who want the gold phone option, and it will sell out fast. Because otherwise, who would only get 16GB with a phone capable of 4K video, and 12MP photos? In other words, it's a Gold premium to prevent the 6 from cannibalizing the 6S.
I was just wondering this morning if the decision to start the pre-orders on Saturday 9/12 was intentional to avoid a lot of pre-order publicity on 9/11. 
 Although Lightning is not as fast as USB-C, it's still quite usable in an increasingly wireless world. With respect to the Retina MacBook, I'm certainly among those who think it would be a better product with two USB-C Ports. But in order to do that they would have to eliminate the 150 year old technology that is the single function audio headphone jack, currently occupying the only available space on the right side of the rMB. Considering Apple has already invested in an...
  Just curious why you think the Lightning connector isn't adequate. I agree, the fact it can handle 4K video files is fantastic, but how do you get them into it, and work with them? I've got a wireless drive I use for storage of photos and videos on my iPad now, and of course there's iCloud, but the transfer time via wireless now can be frustrating, I can only imagine when I'm working with 4K files.
It seems pretty obvious what Apple is doing here ... they've eliminated the ability of the 6/6 Plus to cannibalize sales. Considering China, the gold phone is likely to be the most popular choice of all, so that forces those purely into the aesthetics to buy the 6S, which also explains why the 16GB option is sticking around, since with 4K video capabilities and 12mp camera, storage is going to be a primary consideration for anyone buying the phone for its cameras. The 64GB...
I'm assuming there is a way to limit video to 1080p on the 6S? Obviously 4K video and 12mp photos, including "motion photos", are going to take up a lot more room in iCloud Photos storage, necessitating the change.
While seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, this is exactly how Apple continues to innovate, setting them apart from the rest.
Yes exactly. All of the TVs installed at my company are set up with optical audio out, so the TVs can remain in the off position for an audio only playback. 
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