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 The reference to "Apple's proprietary magnetic attachment system" make me scratch my head ... is this in reference to the lugs? There is a piece of metal exposed in the center hole of the lug. Could this be a way to thwart unauthorized bands? ​I think Apple is vigilant with patent protection. Where they can easily sue, they likely do in order to protect their patents and trademarks, or risk losing them. But looking at how they have handled the lightening connector would...
I'll tell you how I have ... thanks to her brilliant Watch launch strategy, I have gone to Maxfield LA twice now and bought two 42mm Milanese Watches for $699 each and sold them on eBay already for over $1,400 each, netting me a profit of over $1500. I didn't wait in line more than 30 minutes each trip either. That's better than my stock returns following the launch! I'm thinking about going back and getting a third watch to sell as Mayfield has a steady stream of...
I'm using it in an environment where I don't have access to wifi or Ethernet. So I'm using the iPhone's LTE to stream Netflix, and then looking to mirror the display on a TV.
Can it be used without an internet connection? In other words, can I stream content directly from my iOS device to the Minix?  The problem I'm running into with 3rd Gen TV is apps like Netflix on the iPhone appear to hand off the URL of the video to the TV to access directly from it's own internet connection. Does Minix work that way as well, or does it just accept the video stream directly from the iPhone?
I thought I had found a work-around here ... I have the YouTube App on my iPhone and iPad, so I got cleaver and decided to stream the video via Airplay to the TV. Boy did I get a surprise -- As near as I can tell sometime in the last year, the TV got an update, or iOS 8 Apps did, that prevent the iOS device from streaming the video directly from the phone to the TV. Instead, it appears to hand off the video address to the TV, and then the TV streams the content...
Maybe. But I don't see it that way. Maybe this fashion season while it's hot, but watches have always been in a space to be different and I don't see Apple changing fashion unless Jony Ive suddenly gains the reputation of a Paul Lagerfeld with fashion designers around the world looking to him for design cues on all manner of fashions.
Thanks for googling that for me, but ... all of the watches that turned up had no wrist depicted so it was hard to get an idea of how oversized they were. Also, most of them were antiques from auction houses. The few currently being sold had no case sizes to extrapolate dimensions from. One did have a 22mm wide band, and the watch wasn't much  wider, so that doesn't particularly strike me as being oversized. And that pretty much explains why I have never seen an oversized...
Right. If Apple hadn't bought Beats, people around here would likely be in agreement with the reviewers. But now that Apple owns it, they're nothing less than the best money can buy at any price.
Other than I wasn't including anything but North and South America, that's true. There's also a store in Paris, Milan, Berlin, as well as in Cities in China and Japan ... and didn't I also hear Hong Kong? So no, Maxfield is NOT siphoning all of the watches from the supply chain, these other stores are contributing as well. But they are the only one in the Western Hemisphere. ;-)
I have NEVER seen a rectangular oversized watch face -- they've all been round. Going oversized with a round watch works better than a rectangular shape because it doesn't have the effect of filling the entire wrist like those geeky watch calculators of yore. The corners reduce the overall size of the watch on the wrist.
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