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That's more stupid than making a phone in multiple colors that won't be seen because it's intended to be used with a case to protect it because one accidental drop could break it? I'm sorry, but the fact that Apple, who didn't even offer a dock for the 5c, goes out of their way to design an external case for a phone that's being marketed for the way its raw case back looks, is stupid.
You guys are way off.
 What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I guarantee the Taiwanese would bend over backwards if Apple moved their manufacturing out of China and into Taiwan. What are they gonna do, sabotage the thousands of jobs Apple brings to the nation? Besides the point is not where Apple moves their manufacturing, its that they threaten to move them out of China. That is a major bargaining chip.
 Your username reminds me of something ... I bought the first MacBook, and spent the extra $100 premium just to get in black (OK I justified it for the larger hard drive and RAM, but still paid more for the same configuration in stock white). Many people paid that black premium. So why not offer a black model for less than the colors? Charge a premium for the choice of color and help make the phone more affordable with an obvious sacrifice.  Frankly, I'm not surprised...
I don't disagree with you at all ... however, what is the point if people are going to put a case on it anyway. It seems to me Apple should have built a phone that is DESIGNED to be used with a case. It comes in one color -- white. Then the case, designed out of similar material to achieve the exact same look and feel of the raw model, slips on as if there were no case. These can be in more than 5 colors. A color doesn't sell, discontinue it and replace it without...
Or, they can just buy a Samsung that does this without any special jailbreaks, etc. No wonder Apple released the iPhone in gold ... That should assure them a few sales until Samsung comes out with one.Most likely the bigger problem in this scenario is finding the websites that offer such apps, or getting through the firewall to get them.
I wonder how China would feel if Apple closed up shop there and moved all of their manufacturing to Taiwan? I'll bet they would be open to negotiating then ...Your black and white views of China are wildly out of step with reality. If not for outside influences pushing China's human rights policies, there would be no market for iDevices there.I'm glad I'm not living in your America where the South's economic model was based on slavery, and all that matters is selling more...
Cases for the 5c defeat the whole point of 5 different colored phones to choose from. Which is why the multi-colored backs just seem like a really pointless marketing gimmick. I can't wait to see reports about which colors are the weakest sellers. How many people are going to see the 5c and try to buy the green one, only to find it's sold out. Will they then walk away and go somewhere else, buy their second favorite color, or buy something else, perhaps an Android in the...
Are there any carriers who offer the iPhone WITHOUT a data plan?
Does anybody know ... Is there a 5c you can buy off contract from any carrier that does NOT require a data plan? I want to buy a 5c for my mother but only to use as a phone and camera, with Siri (for making calls), and to sync with her Mac. I know AT&T requires a data plan, but that is an unnecessary expense.
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