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So much for ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Don't see this being easily recycled. Well at least the landfills will be colorful.
Maybe that explains what looks like a desperate "we're out of ideas ... Lets trot out the lollipop color offerings that made the iMac great and see if that works again"
Surely, with a new 8GB configuration, they will update to lightning connector? I don't see them keeping the 30-pin connector for legacy customers ... Just one more excuse to not buy current products.
If Tim Cook is smart, he'll introduce the 5C as "c is for color, china and cheap" and take the wind out of the competitions sails right off the bat. Own it.
What Samsung doesn't know, now that they've rushed their undercooked fingerprint technology to market and sitting back with a smirk, is that Apple is planning on releasing DNA technology. That's right, Apple users will lick their iPhones and a DNA analyzer will confirm a match to unlock. It can't be tricked as the DNA must be fresh. Alternately, for customers who don't care to lick their phones, a retina scanner version of the phone will be available featuring a high...
It looks cheap.
Wow. They really are going to call it the 5C. "C" as in Cheap. The competition is going to have a field day with this ...
Because they are running out of time. Apple has not had a significant release of an available product all year. If not September, when? I suspect they won't even be offering some products for immediate sale as it is.
First, that article says growth will be in luxury watches. A $50,000 Rolex is not a $199 iWatch.Second, anecdotally, just looking around I see more women wearing watches than men. The watches I do see are cheap, kitsch watches, or high end jewelry.I don't see the same clientele who buys cheap, or luxury watches, buying the modern equivalent of an LED watch priced at $200 or more. And not to unfairly stereotype, but I don't see women largely investing in cutting edge...
They should probably drop the C right now, because that's exactly what the competition is going to do.Actually "C" might stand for "carbon fibre" ... But that still won't deter the Samsung/Microsoft/Google camp ...
New Posts  All Forums: