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They must have been very disappointed that everyone suspected it was Samsung lol
They say this at least twice a year every year.
A shame we can't say that about Apples computers anymore, anything computer related is just an after thought these days.
LOL these analysts make me laugh.
If Apple were preparing a Mini refresh, I would have thought we would have heard some solid rumours by now, weve had nothing at all really....since the last update. I really am starting to think it's not going to be refreshed.
It comes with a SuperDrive now. But you are having to pay the additional £20 for it.
Do you think Apple will still be making Apple Mac Computers in 5 -10 years time? I think it's pretty much dead as a platform, the future for Apple is in the mobile device platform - iPhone, which is why Apple has poured EVERYTHING into iPhone delevopment, to the the detriment of many of its other products. Much of it's current hardware lies seriously neglected and overpriced, shoddy software updates. Leopard was sidelined for many months to concentrate on iPhone...
You need to change the name of this website to iPhoneInsider.
Awwww... poor Mac Mini, no one seems to like you.
I don't understand why Apple couldn't have updated it by now, it's not as if there is a lack of hardware options to choose from. Penryn, Wireless N, GMA X3100. It's just odd. I really am stating to think it's gong to be discontinued.
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