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..every rumour these days is about iPods. I want to hear about Apple Computers.
Have you seen the latest version of TextEdit in Tiger? Here's a screenshot: http://alexandros.roussos.free.fr/ma...c/textedit.jpg
....it's all iPods though, nobody seems to be talking about Apple Computers \
..that all sounds great, but after all those months of waiting for an update, you know it'll be just be a tiny speed bump lol
.....mmmm maybe "stacks" would be better than "piles"
But it could do all that faster if it had a G5 processor in it, why deliberatly cripple a computer?
The new eMac, whenever it arrives needs more than just a small speedbump to the G4 processor - if that's all it ends up getting it really wont be good value for money at all and I wouldn't ever consider getting one.
......hmmmmmmm no new information regarding these rumours and mew eMacs, I guess they were all complete nonsense after all.
.....oh UK store still down. I guess this is the new iPod, maybe there's more to come too?
..a prize eh?...you can send me a nice new iBook if you like. and back on topic, what happened to the eMac rumours, we've heard nothing new starting to think it wasn't true now.
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