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I wonder how much Apple make on the current Mac Mini? Those Core Duo chips can't be very expensive at all. 512MB RAM, Combo Drive and Intel GMA 950!! They must make a fortune on them... probably why they havent to update them and why Apple made so much money this quarter.
People already did that yesterday.
I don't think we'll se Leopard released until January 2008.
So is Apples computer business irrelevant now then?
Combo Drive!!!!!????? Sadly, that wouldn't surprise me, Apple intentionally cripple the cheapest computers in their line up to get people to buy the more expensive models. The £649 MacBook has a Combo Drive, The cheapest iMac currently has a Combo Drive, as does the cheapest Mac Mini.
Doesn't sound like this iPhone stuff is going to die down any time soon. Don't know how much more of it I can take!!!
"Off the Charts" eh? We've heard that kind of talk many times and not much has come of it.
I can't believe how badly Apple are neglecting it's desktop range, I hope it's only a temporary thing and related to that damn iPhone. But I think Steve Jobs said he could see a day when 90% of the computers they sell are Notebooks.
With all the game previews at WWDC a few days ago, I wonder if Apple will start putting decent video cards in their coputers now?
So this article is hinting at a possible replacement for the Mini then?
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