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WOW..... nearly a whole year will have passed before the iMac is updated. Very poor.
I doubt we'll see anything released until next month, at the earliest. Apple wouldn't want anything taking the spotlight off the precious iPhone.
Of course it is, if you ignore the £400 price difference.
I was waiting to see what kind of update the Mini would receive before I switched, as the Mac Mini is the only Mac in my price range, as you say, if it's discontinued, Apple will have lost another customer here.
Also, from the wording of the rumour, it looks like the MacBook will receive NO changes at all. Which simply can't be true.
You mean go back to crippling the cheaper hardware to make the more expensive offerings look better? God knows what this means for the severely neglected Mac Mini.
MORE than 12 months in the case of the Mac Mini and iMac. They were last updated on September 6th 2006.
I wouldnt be surprsied to see the Mac Mini disappear from the product lineup altogether.
Can anyone remember when we had a nice, interesting rumour about new Computer hardware? Before, it was all iPod, now it's all iPhone.
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