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Apple's UK refurbished store is full of MacBooks and MacBook Pros.... more than i've ever seen. No Mac Mini's and I think I saw only one iMac.
Cheap as possible eh? Dell in the UK are selling a PC with Core 2 Duo, DVD Burner and 19" flat screen for only £39 more than the entry level combo drive Mac Mini. It does comes with Vista though, so yuck lol.
A larger screen on the Nano would be better.
If the next version of the entry level Mac Mini and MacBooks STILL have just Combo Drives rather than Superdrives, i'll probably forget about Apple and go for a PC.
Id just be happy to see a new mini.
Apple REALLY need to stop selling expensive computers with Combo Drives.... it's 2007 now.
I hope they had energy saving bulbs in those floodlights.
*ist DS NEW? lol.... Apple are so out of date, they need support for the newer Pentax K100/K110 and K10
Possibly... If you dont open the box I think you can send it back without any restocking fee? I would call Apple if you only ordered it Monday and it hasnt shipped.
The UK Apple store is down !!!!!!!!! Updates coming.
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