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So, is this music store only going to be availble to US customers llike all the other TV shows offered on iTunes?
Core 2 Duo is currently the same price as Core Duo. There is no reason for Apple not to use it, unless they want to artificially cripple the mini to make the more expensive hardware look better, which they often did in the PPC era.
Can't someone move this PC vs Mac battle crap to another forum?
But Merom is the same price as the Yonah chips currently used There's no reason why Apple should hold back a products development to make the expensive ones look better.
How do you know the MacBook won't be using Core 2? The problem for Apple here is that this isnt the PPC era anymore, they can't cripple their hardware to make the more expensive laptops look better. Many other manfacturers will probably be using Core 2 in computers cheaper than the MacBook.
If this guy was right... people should only just be starting to get their MacBooks this month. He predicted July.
That bit sounds particularly good... especially if youre after a mac Mini or MacBook - they'll have to get rid of that core solo mini now.
The data in that table at the bottom seems to suggest they'll stick with Core Solo for the cheaper mini...not good.
This is the same expert analyst that said we wouldnt see a MacBook until July. Do these people have any idea of the kind of damage they do?
Yep, would be great to see an iMac update and Mac Mini, However, I can't see where they could go with the iMac at the moment, I think they will wait for the next generation chips - Merom. The core solo Mini needs to go though !!! - 1.6 and 1.8 dual core respectively.
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