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Isn't there supposed to be another core solo chip coming out soon? Around 1.8ghz I think. I bet thats what the current solo mini would get in any future upgrade.
WOW.........Mac Mini and iMac both got quite a price drop here in the UK overnight.
How much do you think the core solo chip costs Apple? And as far as i'm aware, was there ever a 1.5ghz solo chip? I thought it was 1.66? And you are correct about the MacBook..... you are, effectively, getting a monitor, a mouse (trackpad), useable speakers, keyboard and a much faster chip. None of which come with the Mini.
Im hoping for a price drop/change in specs too. The core solo Mini is a pretty bad deal I think.
I'd like to see Mac Mini speed bumps, particularly to the low end one.. the single core chip looks pretty poor now. And hopefully, maybe an update to the iMac too.
Celebrities get far too much free stuff.
This is the same guy that said the MacBook would not appear until June/July......... why don't they just give it up, clearly they don't know what they're talking about.
Yayyyyy............ UK store offline for updates..it looks like today is the day.
It's mid 2006 - a $1000 laptop should not have a combo drive !!! I would be VERY surprised if the price stayed the same as the iBook, so I would be even more disappointed to see a $1100/$1200 with a combo drive !!
Well, there's the reason we dont have a MacBook yet.... maybe Apple want people to buy the more expensive MacBook Pro - just like you did lol.
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