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Yes, this is veeery strange, isn't it. Same with me, my old iPhone 5 I have in my closet as a backup for my 5S is also eligable for a battery replacement.
Please explain more in detail, or provide a url where this is explained. Thanks.
I would like to see support for multiple/split libraries...allowing me to move my movies and TV Shows to a NAS but keep music on the internal hardrive.
Please don't limit your thinking to US. Other parts of the world where phones are not banned you know
I really like the idea. This is a product I 100% would buy.
I cI can confirm this fix solved the issue on my iPhone 5 running release version of iOS7 (no issues while using various beta versions). The problem surfaced 2 days ago and wouldn't go away. I was able to convert to SMS though. I re-activated the iMessage service, but had to reboot the iPhone to make any difference.
I upgraded my 3gen ATV without any problems, took a long time, but no issues whatsovever. I live in Norway, are logged in with my US account, and to my surprise iTunes Radio works great :-)
On the Dev website it used to say "GM"...now it says "release version"...and iOS 7 Build: 11A465.  So the latest GM version IS the same as the "release version."
Have been trying the GM on my iPhone 5 since it was made available....have nobody else noticed that the GM release really drains your battery? Beta 1 was terrible like that, but it has gotten a lot better and almost perfect until the GM. Anybody else seeing this? A devloper friend of mine have also experienced the same thing...so I guess it's not only related to me.
Not available in the Norwegian app store yet
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