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How about coming out as a vilified minority, like Republican in a city where Democrats are considered right wing?
 Trashing the competitor is a bad habit that many folks execute. :( Even in my career, when our client got screwed by the last person, it gets too easy especially when driven by our passion. Praise the client on their purchase, attack the industry, and show them how to get more of what they want and less of what they don't. That said, I'm unsure about the utility of changing your smartphone into a limited feature phone. Then again, advocates sell making two trips in an...
My daughters' middle school solves this problem simply: All students turn their mobile phones into the office for the day.
We're stuck with Ruth as we named the Arts High School after her: http://www.sfsota.org/sota.cfm
"for Apple"? Let's try "against Apple". Or "succeed in putting Apple out of business so my Google stock goes up."
Trolls aside, how about the 3GS users who can't update to iOS 7?
How do these analysts stay employed? They would have roasted Apple whether the iPhone 5c was actually cheap as some Chinese want (they've cheapen their brand, profit margins go downhill) or as it is (too expensive, but it sold anyways). They do this other companies, too. An analyst set a price target $10 under the closing price of the stock (Could be Piper, too) of Edwards Lifesciences! Of course it collapsed the next day (internet watchers) but now it has recovered. IMHO,...
The idea of security is discourage break ins, not prevent them. The crackers just don't see how much work they went through, especially forgetting the odds of getting a good print. They've made a press release for the press.
 I've worried about Samsung products in my Apple hardware ever since I put their 256k memory chips into my Apple 2. They would always fail the first time I booted the system.
Wow, Apple has creamed their price target already! Closing price today $464.90, down $7.79. After hours, down to $463.48. Why is *anybody* listening to this clown?
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