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The local Hearst yellow press failed to mention the bus took down the scaffolding for the upcoming Apple Store. Only found out now checking Apple Insider. Not sure if the rest of the Apple Press mentioned this story. Thanks, Apple Insider, hope the folks injured are recovering.
Try when someone turns "Becoming Steve Jobs" into a movie. Unfortunately, it will take Disney to do it. Disclaimer: I own both Apple and Disney stock (originally Pixar) because I'm a FAN of Apple and Pixar! Chilling at a mall because of it. ;)
 Great article, thanks. And to the fellow who won't read AppleInsider anymore, I presume you haven't followed DED. You'd be familiar with his non-Apple whistle blowing/myth busting. Apple whistle blowing/myth busting, not so much. Disclosure: My youngest daughter's Apple stock is paying for her private high school.
The commercial is in homage to a shot Steph took earlier this year where he made a shot out of corner and celebrated with a teammate BEFORE the shot went it.
I know what Superfast Matt would say to this lawsuit.
I've heard a rumor today that the licensing agreement for Windows 10 including sharing your contact information with Microsoft for marketing purposes.
So like having ANY money (financial info) is something you shouldn't have?! People want their financial information shared less than nude pictures of themselves!
How about coming out as a vilified minority, like Republican in a city where Democrats are considered right wing?
 Trashing the competitor is a bad habit that many folks execute. :( Even in my career, when our client got screwed by the last person, it gets too easy especially when driven by our passion. Praise the client on their purchase, attack the industry, and show them how to get more of what they want and less of what they don't. That said, I'm unsure about the utility of changing your smartphone into a limited feature phone. Then again, advocates sell making two trips in an...
My daughters' middle school solves this problem simply: All students turn their mobile phones into the office for the day.
New Posts  All Forums: