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 I've worried about Samsung products in my Apple hardware ever since I put their 256k memory chips into my Apple 2. They would always fail the first time I booted the system.
Wow, Apple has creamed their price target already! Closing price today $464.90, down $7.79. After hours, down to $463.48. Why is *anybody* listening to this clown?
Sorry if this has been already stated:   Ah, the power of Dollar Cost Averaging... :)  
Parallel Kingdom at one time relied on OpenStreetMap or another user-editable map database. Unfortunately, players began adding fake communities to the system so they could create cities in out of the way locations. They moved away from the database because of this.
So, High School students are now required to learn how to create exploits to take over computer systems?!   Just for fun:   1. Sony's Ultraviolet registration requires using Java 6. I've been having trouble installing Java 6 while Java 7 is still installed. I'll probably have to pull it out to do the installation. Oh, and since I don't have a *disk* to go with my copy of Mountain Lion, I'll have to find the installer someplace else.   2. I'm aware of a company that...
  And well educated. I'm surprised more companies aren't pouring into Ireland, to the chagrin of the Brits next door who complain about the taxes they're not getting (NOT the JOBS!).
I presume Apple hasn't paid a number of people a sufficient amount of money.   I'm also not sure how Italian consumers are served by shutting down a company for 30 days, thus making it impossible for Apple to give the warranty service at issue. Maybe the government is hoping an NGO will then file its own suit about a lack of service while Apple is shut down.
For those who say the rest of us shouldn't have an optical drive in our MacBook Pros - PFFFT!   I still get DVDs and BluRay sets from Target (5% Target Card discount, plus a bonus 5% when I fill five prescriptions). I installed Diablo III from disk. My kids still play games that require the disk in the drive (and my disk image attempts often fail). Heck, my daughter's Wacom tablet demands one (don't know why...) (and, yes, she takes that tablet on the road). FYI,...
New Posts  All Forums: