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So sad to see Macs listed on a Windows 3.1 (if we're lucky) screen...
Moment of Serendipity: My daughter looked at the two minute brand history ad and remarked with their modern model that it looks like a Mac.
    The Apple team just chose to wait until the main Java team worked out all of their bugs, *then* do their development. Otherwise, they would have to deal with all of the "oh, darn, we have to fix the base level code" throes of agony.
    May I presume you haven't poked at the children's table machines? The machines were loaded with children's software available in the store, although some of it would crash because of incompatibilities.   FYI, the tables are *not* for keeping the kids occupied, especially when the parents wander off. Unfortunately, numerous parents have pulled this stunt, and the store removed the table. I helped work with a little Chinese boy at the Stonestown Apple Store whose mother...
    You dolt! I'll make the point you missed in my post -> I only bought the HTC Tilt 2 (which I had to get from Business Services) to run the company app under Windows Mobile 6.x. I do everything else on my iPhone 3GS. For as little as I was using it, it still died. (My wife just kept it in her purse off for a week before it died.)
    I defected from my refused to boot HTC Tilt 2 to an iPhone 3GS for my wife. I had the phone for only a year and a month. Probably another money center for mobile carriers - replacing phone which die within the two year contract period. Our iPhones haven't.   I only owned the HTC phone for an internal Windows Mobile 6.x application. When Windows Phone 7 came out, they wised up and migrated to web-based applications, plus iOS and Android apps.   Suggestion to Apple...
    I guess old habit die hard... :)   No wonder Payton went to the Broncos. And Jim could listen to his brother, too. :)
Heck, I used a version of Radar in the mid-80s on a MacPlus! I don't know who has the contract now, but in the late 90s EDS lost the contract to Infosys IN INDIA. Response time from those guys is very slow. A funny feature is you can look up my Radar reports from the mid-80s! And 90s. The database has changed engines over time, although I presume they stabilized on Oracle in some form with Ellison on the board.
The Windows version of Java got this update several weeks ago, could be a month. I suspect the vulnerabilities were over there, too, but the press kept silent about them. Only when things pop up on the Apple side will they generate enough page views to make doing the story worthwhile.
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