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The Windows version of Java got this update several weeks ago, could be a month. I suspect the vulnerabilities were over there, too, but the press kept silent about them. Only when things pop up on the Apple side will they generate enough page views to make doing the story worthwhile.
I had an HTC Tilt 2 for internal company applications. One week my wife decides she wants a mobile phone, having gotten tired of searches for pay phones. Next week, it refuses to boot. Out an AT&T store to pick up a 3GS for only $0.99, plus fees.
The challenge is how to make it more Bill and Dave's company again. If Meg hasn't done so already, I suggest she crack open Steve Job's biography and read how Bill and Dave fostered Apple. I hear her *maybe* coming close to doing that walkthrough that Jobs did when he came to Apple, cutting whole departments. Sigh, if someone would only do that as Governor (and eat the riots and thuggery)...
One target may be Target (yeah, yeah). I've seen yet to be activated iTunes Gift Cards available on eBay, but those were the Beatles one (somewhat a collector's item). If they leak out that way, who know what else can happen. Speaking of accounts, we run completely on gift cards in my household. Allows me to get a 5 percent discount by buying them at Target when using my Target Visa card (plus an additional 5 percent when I fill enough prescriptions).
I was just going to write that StrengthFinders 2.0 has been out for quite a while. Quite a few network marketing organizations are using it (including mine), so that probably keeps its sales up. You have to buy a copy for each assessment run. For those people who missed something, I've already found something that connects the book to the current USC application. I find the connection insightful. I'll leave it up to the readers to find this connection (especially those who...
Tim is just watching for what Sales Support is giving to Sales. Unlike another poster, featureitis does not improve sales Especially watch out for a new service that pushes more people away than pulls towards your product.
I have yet to find a setting to ignore this guy and the other troll. Do we just do this manually?
"Crisp" lost the "it's private" argument fast because of how his manager found out. Worked just like the Tribunal described. Heck, forwarding of anything you email or post on the Internet can get passed around *fast*. Even when posting under my alias, I'm still careful.
Yeah, that wasn't the way to look for the iPhone 4 shot. It's what would have been an appropriate shot for an iPhone, like the upwards at Thor shot (a mirror and rails should do that, too). I would bet an explosions on the street shot with little CGI, but I could be wrong there, too.The iPhone 4 and Apple credit (possibly with logo) will be priceless...
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